Michigan Man Gives Carjackers a Run For Their Money

Carjacking is a nasty crime. You stop in traffic or start pulling out of your driveway and suddenly, somebody’s hammering on your window and demanding you get out.

They’re waving a gun in your face, swearing, probably have a mask on, and are demanding you do it fast.

The truth is resisting a carjacking can get you killed. This is why it’s such a successful and common crime; it’s relatively easy to do.

Though a few days ago, some carjackers in Dearborn, Michigan ran into a problem while trying to carjack a man in his driveway.

Carjacking Criminals Get Wrecked

A posse of carjackers tried to steal a man’s truck early Sunday morning in Dearborn, Michigan. He was actually just returning home into his driveway when they advanced on him.

The two suspects were determined to get the truck. They pulled a weapon as they tried to grab the truck from the man and get his stuff inside it.

The man was scared, as anyone would be. He took evasive maneuvers and quickly gunned the truck in reverse before the carjackers could seize control.

One of the carjackers was partway into the cab, but ended up getting dragged under and crushed as the driver veered to the side.

The other carjacker began popping off rounds trying to hit the driver, but failed. He ran away and reportedly entered a vehicle where a third individual was driving a getaway car.

Police are still looking for the second and third suspects. The first suspect who was dragged under died in hospital. He has been named as a male individual from Melvindale, Michigan.

Carjacking Crisis

The same day as this awful incident, another attempted carjacker almost ran over a group of Detroit cops. The carjacker in that case was riding in an SUV that he’d stolen and tried to ram a cop car.

An officer narrowly escaped being run over as the attacker tried to hit him. Carjackings have gone up 40% in Detroit since a year ago. Last year saw a 14% rise in vehicle theft.

To say there’s a carjacking crisis in Michigan and many other parts of America is no exaggeration. What’s worse is that all too often, they end in death or serious injury for the victims.

In this case in Dearborn, the death ended up being handed out to the carjacker himself. Though there’s no doubt people need to be aware of carjacking and defend themselves against it.

The Bottom Line

Practice situational awareness and stay armed.

Carjackers tend to move quickly and lethally. They have many tricks, including stopping on the roadside and appealing for help to fix their broken car, then jacking the vehicle of whoever stops to help.

The rise in carjacking should concern us all. It puts everyone and their families in danger.