Millions of Evictions Are About to Start and People are Furious With Joe Biden

There is about to be an eviction crisis of epic proportions in this country unless the government acts fast. A moratorium on evictions ended in most states on July 31 and Biden says there’s nothing he can do.

The CDC has also been called on to put out an emergency order of some kind, due to the ongoing pandemic to justify extending the moratorium. According to Biden, it’s up to Congress to step up and fix it.

That hasn’t happened and Biden’s base is furious with him; members of his own party, such as Congresswoman Cori Bush, are sleeping on the steps of the Capitol in a sleeping bag to protest.

Pelosi Turns Against Biden

Even hypocrite Nancy Pelosi has demanded that Biden find a way to stop people getting kicked out of their houses. Around seven million Americans are in direct danger of being evicted and are significantly far behind on rent.

The White House and Biden regime say they are doing their best to find “legal” ways to stop millions from being put on the streets, but so far have failed to do so. It’s news to the rest of us that Biden cares so much about what’s legal.

His regime recently released 50,000 illegal immigrants into the country without a court date, but he’s worried about coming up with creative ways to help Americans not become homeless? The eviction moratorium was even upheld under Trump because during a pandemic, millions of folks have lost their jobs.

If Biden gets linked to an eviction crisis, there is no way the Democrats win midterms next year and 2024 is absolutely out of the question for them. The gravity of this crisis is enormous, but all the Democrats have is excuses, as usual.

The Left Turns on Biden

In addition to Bush sleeping outside in the cold to protest the government’s failure on this, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called out the CDC, saying she doesn’t believe them that they can’t act; Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) also made her voice heard.

As AOC said, the Biden regime has had a month to deal with this and they delayed until the very last moment to bring it up and call on Congress to take action. AOC emphasized that the Democrats will not be able to just blame Republicans and their political enemies for what’s about to happen.

If they let these evictions proceed, we could see a disaster the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression.

Then again, maybe all those who are kicked out of their homes and apartments can head over to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where former President Barack Obama is set to hold a 700-person birthday party for his 60th birthday. The mansion and property should have room for them all, and Obama is a humanitarian, right?