Montana AG Suing Biden Admin Over Its Anti-2A Actions

Since long before he stepped foot in the Oval Office, Joe Biden made his anti-Second Amendment views clear.

Biden made it crystal clear he believes that he and his liberal cohorts know better than the Founding Fathers about what self-protection rights the American people should have.

He made it crystal clear that he believes the federal government has the right and duty to take away “dangerous” weapons from its citizens.

Now, one state Attorney General has had enough of Biden’s ant-2A ways and he’s suing him.

Meet Montana AG Austin Knudsen

Austin Knudsen is the Republican Attorney General of Montana. As a conservative and a patriot, Knudsen has watched with alarm as Biden and his regime pushed through various executive orders that curb the Second Amendment.

As Knudsen says, Biden and his team must be aware that they are pushing unconstitutional and “draconian” measures that won’t stand up under scrutiny.

That’s why he’s now poised to sue the Biden administration as soon as it acts on its promise to use the “whole of government” to crack down on weapons it doesn’t like.

Specifically, the Biden White House plans to use the federal arms of government to boost red flag laws to the maximum, amplify background checks as much as possible, and put the spotlight on anyone and everyone selling weapons.

Knudsen says the federal government is trying to pursue a backdoor avenue for cracking down on private sales and purchases of guns.

This will do nothing to stop criminals from illegally obtaining weapons and is also unconstitutional, which is why he plans to sue.

Tracing Homemade Firearms

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) plays a leading role in tracking privately produced firearms, which have gone up by over 1,000% since 2017. Knudsen says firearms shouldn’t be classed any differently than any other form of personal property.

Biden disagrees and says his new executive order will keep homemade guns from getting out of control. He also wants universal background checks put through as soon as possible and “assault weapons” fully banned in America.

These are the kind of unconstitutional plans that have led to Knudsen’s imminent plan to sue. During his recent declaration of executive action on guns, Biden presented it as a step forward against “gun manufacturers.”

He also claimed stricter laws against 2A will keep kids safe and prevent the kinds of gun violence tragedies we’ve seen in places like Uvalde.

The Bottom Line

Republicans currently have the edge in the House; although the Democrats still hold the Senate. Nonetheless, the chance of these kinds of extreme anti-2A laws passing is slim.

That’s why Biden is going back to executive orders to extrajudicially strip away the rights of Americans and roll back the Constitution.

As Knudsen says, the “administrative state” is being asked to do the work that democracy can’t do. His lawsuit will move forward as the federal agencies begin submitting their plans for how to implement nationwide 2A restrictions.