More Details Coming Out About Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan

By now, we are all aware of the Biden regime’s shameful abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan. We are told that the number is in the thousands, including a group of high school students from Sacramento, California.

There is a worse detail underneath all of this tragedy and incompetence, however. The amount of legal residents is much higher than the number of citizens and still numbers in the thousands.

The Biden regime is blaming them for not getting to the airport, even though we all saw how dangerous it was there and witnessed the Taliban’s control of the airport.

Waiting for Help to Come

One example of a US permanent resident left behind is Sammy Naderi, who went with his wife and son outside of the Kabul airport. They waited and waited, risking their lives and hoping the Taliban would let them through, but they had no luck.

Naderi has been living in Philadelphia since 2020; he was desperately hoping to get away from Afghanistan and back to his new life, but he and his family were turned away once flights stopped.

Estimates say that thousands of green card holders and permanent residents are among those left behind in Afghanistan, now that Biden pulled out. The truth is we just don’t know exactly how many citizens are still in the US and our State Department has been very unclear about it as well.

They left without having any real plan of what to do and now try their best to dismiss those who are left behind. The Biden regime should update its motto to America Last: Every Man Left Behind.

Here’s What Did Go Right

The truth is that Biden failed horribly in Afghanistan and it was worse than the Fall of Saigon. Biden has dragged this country’s reputation through the mud; he responded to the despicable Aug. 26 ISIS-K attack that killed 13 of our troops and 170 Afghans by droning a car full of kids.

Biden is a disgrace, and so is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs head Mark Milley. However, it’s important to give credit where it’s due and admit that the evacuation of 123,000 people was still an accomplishment.

This included tens of thousands of US citizens and many thousands more of our Afghan allies and partners. Names should never have been given to the Taliban; the airport should never have been pushed back to such a small perimeter allowing ISIS-K to hit.

However, we can at least be glad those 123,000 people are out. Still, those who are left behind matter, and we cannot accept Biden’s excuses about them.

Time for Resignations

It’s time for Biden, Harris, Austin, Milley, and many, many more to hand in their resignations. These people failed badly and they’re not even working to get the Americans still in Afghanistan out of the country. The Biden regime is all out of excuses.