More Dirt Comes Out About the Hunter Biden Art Scam

There’s been controversy swirling around about Hunter Biden ever since people heard his name. He almost sank his dad’s run for president; Hunter also can’t go a single day without new accusations and dirt popping up on him.

At this point, the term “Hunter Biden scandal” could mean 100 different things; there are just so damn many scandals around Hunter that nobody would know which one you meant.

One of the recent scandals is Hunter selling mediocre artwork for huge amounts of money by banking off his family name. Now, it turns out that Hunter’s own art dealer is linked to Communist China as well. Surprise, surprise. 

Meet China-Loving Art Dealer George Berges

Hunter’s art dealer who scores him the hundreds of thousands for his scribbles is a man by the name of George Berges. He’s done business all over the world, but especially in Communist China, where he has ties to numerous unknown officials. 

As Berges has said before on record, his goal has always been to be “the lead guy in China.” He’s worked closely with top artists in China to help them sell art to the rest of the world. 

He considers China to be “rising” and loves the “cultural impact” it’s having on other countries. Seriously? This art dealer sounds like he’s literally being paid by the China Communist Party. 

As usual with the Bidens, this is not just a scandal: it’s a national security threat! We already saw Biden’s Department of Justice drop charges against a bunch of Chinese spies recently who were caught spying at our medical research universities. And now this?

Beijing Biden is Back

During the last election, the Trump campaign referred to our current President as Beijing Biden. Despite some good signs standing up to China in the South China Sea, the truth of that nickname is becoming clearer every day. 

The folks who buy Hunter’s art are anonymous; they could be high-up Chinese communists buying his art in return for favors from his dad. This is sick and dangerous stuff going on here, folks. 

Hunter has made it clear he’ll meet up and get to know people who buy his art but they’ll remain anonymous. This is literally a backdoor slush fund for bad guys around the world to get a foot in the door of our White House and compromise the president’s family (even more than it’s obviously already been compromised). 

The Liberal Media Fails Again

You won’t hear a peep about this from the liberal media. They just censor it. Maybe they really would like to live in Communist China. 

Maybe they really do want to live in a country where crappy artwork gets sold for hundreds of thousands to buy political influence over a country; yet, here’s the thing: we sure as hell don’t…and this Hunter Biden art fiasco is shady beyond belief.