Most Vaccinated Country in World is Preparing for Another Massive Lockdown

Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. In fact, over 90% of its citizens have the COVID shot. There’s just one problem; the COVID vaccine doesn’t work.

Thousands of Israelis are very sick again and the disease has been spreading wildly. The country blames the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated are getting sick at an even higher rate and also spreading the disease.

Now, the country is facing another lockdown if things don’t change soon.

Another Lockdown in Israel?

Yes, it’s a serious possibility in the very near future. There is projected to be a need for 5,000 hospital spaces in the next few months; Israel only has about 2,500 available for COVID patients.

The numbers at this time are about 3,500 COVID cases recorded per day in Israel and 350 people in the hospital in grave condition who could die. Around half of them are vaccinated.

Another lockdown is far from a remote idea and at this point, it just seems like a matter of when. If the vaccine works to stop people getting COVID, then why are so many vaccinated people in serious condition in hospital with COVID?

Israel Cracks Down on People’s Liberties

Due to the uptick in COVID cases, Israel is now requiring masks for most public meetings; they’re also reinstating remote work, limiting travel in the country, and giving people who are 50 and older an additional shot of the vaccine.

It’s not actually known at this time if the booster shot will help, but considering the initial vaccine basically didn’t work, there is good reason to be skeptical.

Meanwhile, Israel is trying to get new nurses through training, open more spaces in hospitals, and figure out how to deal with the delta variant which often bypasses the vaccine.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Israel did everything it was supposed to do, according to our globalist overlords and the WHO. It locked down, vaccinated almost everyone, took masks seriously, and told people to work from home.

The result was a big decline in cases, but now they’re all surging back and the situation looks like a complete disaster. What was the point if the virus is just going to make a huge comeback every year?

Furthermore, what about mutations of COVID that could emerge as the virus tries to get around the immunity of vaccines? We’ve seen delta, but much worse mutations are apparently on the horizon including lambda variant.

In addition, doctors have warned of a possible future super strain which would kill about 30% of people who get it. This would be a nightmare scenario.

It’s totally unclear how more lockdowns and obedience to the same globalists who got us in this mess will fix it. Time to get creative with new ideas, not return to stale – and failed – policies.