Nancy Pelosi’s Awful Hypocrisy is Finally Catching Up to Her

Nany Pelosi is should be the focus of Republican ridicule. She’s already broken her own mask mandate dozens of times and she sounds almost as senile as Joe Biden half the time.

Pelosi made it clear that you have to wear a mask inside the Capitol, whether or not you’ve had the vaccine. If you get caught without a mask, you get hit with a fine and further resistance leads to arrest.

Well, grab a pair of handcuffs folks, because Pelosi’s repeatedly violated her own mask mandate.

Pelosi Breaks Her Own Rules

Like every elite hypocrite since ancient Rome, Pelosi believes the rules she makes don’t apply to her. She clearly just wanted them in order to make Republicans look dangerous and get some controversy going in the media about the GOP supposedly not caring about COVID.

This woman is very deceptive. She’s already been caught speaking in the House Chamber without a mask, at another hearing without a mask; later, she was seen coughing a lot,  walking around and not wearing a mask.

The list goes on and on, including later in the week at a media event and on other occasions. Altogether, she’s been seen about 15 times without wearing a mask after putting in the mask mandate.

Super safe, thanks Nancy.

Here’s What the GOP Should Do

If the GOP is serious about standing up for Americans, they first need to stand up to Nancy Pelosi. Not only has she broken her own rules, she doesn’t really have the constitutional authority to do any of what she’s doing.

All GOP members of Congress should refuse to wear masks and see how far she goes. Is she willing to jail every Republican member of our government?

That would be quite something to see, and it would be a powerful way to usher in a huge Republican victory in next year’s midterms. Ordinary Americans still might not realize quite how insane the Biden regime is and the level of their hypocrisy.

An event like that would show them. So call Nancy’s bluff.

So Far Pelosi is Winning

This news update tells you about Pelosi breaking her own rules, but the fact is that so far, she is winning. That’s because she still has power and members do still have to wear masks.

Unless the GOP grows a spine and stands up to her, this is only going to get worse. Pelosi’s husband was recently accused of insider trading, and she treats government like her own personal piggy bank and center of wielding power.

Pelosi’s done her time: now she should be shown the door. The GOP shouldn’t be making stupid jokes about disliking her; they should be actively disobeying her unconstitutional orders.