NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Slams Celebrity Culture and Woke Famous People

Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball legend and an even better human being. When you take a look at what he’s involved in, you see a long list of charitable causes and projects to give back to the community and help kids.

This man is not about ego; he’s all about doing what he can to be a productive member of society. Maybe that’s part of why Shaq has just plain had enough of woke celebrity culture. He’s a nice guy, but when you push Shaq too far, he’s going to power through you and dunk hard on you.

Shaq Slams Celebrity Culture

As famous as he may be, Shaq’s not a fan of celebrity culture. Even though we see him on TV talking about ball and working to advertise on TV, Shaq doesn’t want a part of the Hollywood woke crowd.

Since his retirement, as I mentioned, he’s also committed a lot to helping out kids and charitable causes. One of his latest is a partnership with Kellogg cereal company to pay for sports equipment for tens of thousands of kids.

Shaq wants this to be what people remember about him, not him being “famous.” In fact, Shaq says celebrities have gone “freaking crazy.” They embarrass and annoy him with their behavior and virtue signaling.

That makes two of us. As Shaq points out, the way celebrities treat people is outrageous and he’s done with all “celebrity-ness.”

Who is Shaq?

As Shaq says, he may have achieved his dreams, but at heart, he’s still a “regular” guy. He worked hard and got lucky, but he’s never forgotten his roots and the hard work of the people he grew up with.

Shaq has slammed woke celebrities like Lebron James for their whining. James has been a big supporter of Black Lives Matter, but when it comes to actually supporting working black Americans, he’s nowhere to be found.

James previously complained about not making enough money, despite getting $39 million for playing one game. As Shaq noted, thousands of people are getting laid off and have no job at all. It’s outrageous, and he doesn’t want to be associated with this kind of nonsense.

We Need More Shaqs

Shaq’s humility is well-needed these days. We have more than enough woke celebrities spouting off about politics and spreading their ignorance on other issues.

There’s a reason that Shaq is so famous and it’s not just basketball; it’s that his actual personality is humble and kind, instead of arrogant and full of hate.

America has enough pushy progressives who put out weird activist videos every election cycle. We want more folks like Shaq who don’t put their politics into everything and don’t need to force their opinions on us whenever we turn on the TV.