NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Speaks Up About Vaccine Segregation

Jonathan Isaac is a power forward on the Orlando Magic basketball team. He’s also a devout Christian who cares about what’s right and loves America. Previously, Isaac made headlines for being the only player in a game in summer 2020 to stand during our anthem and not show support for BLM.

As Isaac said at the time, he doesn’t consider kneeling during the anthem or supporting BLM to have anything to do with supporting black lives, so he’s not going to do it. Now, Isaac is making headlines once again for his brave stand against COVID tyranny.

Isaac Speaks Up Against Vaccine Segregation

Isaac is one of the few members of the Magic who hasn’t had his COVID shots. He’s been asked about it; he also explained very well that he already has natural immunity from COVID and doesn’t wish to get the shot until further data is available on its long-term effects.

In other words, Isaac cares about logic and doesn’t want to stick strange stuff in his arm that’s not necessary. He fully supports people’s right to get vaccinated, but believes it should be a personal choice, not a forced decision.

For his trouble, Isaac has been mocked, insulted, and treated like a leper by the liberal media; he’s also been a victim of segregation.

As Isaac described, he’s no longer allowed to go to many team events and he can’t even eat in the same room at restaurants as his own team. It’s not that he’s so sensitive about these stupid rules; it’s just that he doesn’t see the logic.

As Isaac noted, why would he be barred from eating in the same area as his team but then allowed to play a sweaty game of basketball with them on the court? COVID rules are truly idiotic.

The Truth About Vaccine Segregation

The truth is segregation isn’t very popular and it makes people feel bad. Numerous restaurants are going broke because of vaccine mandates and people like Isaac being treated as if they are criminals is outrageous.

In a recent interview, Isaac said the growing crackdown by the NBA (and even having to change in different locker rooms and things like that) just strikes him as very illogical.

For one thing, he already has natural immunity, which Pfizer recently admitted in a Project Veritas undercover video is better than the vaccine. For another thing, COVID has a very high survival rate, especially for a healthy athlete at the top of his game.

Segregating people for not having a vaccine really doesn’t make sense unless you don’t actually believe the vaccine protects people. If that’s the case, why the intense pressure for everyone to get it?

Logic is Now Illegal in America

As Isaac said, those with the vaccine can still spread and get COVID, so he’s unclear why he’s a threat, even if he didn’t have natural immunity. He’s absolutely right. Sadly, however, we now live under a leftist regime where logic is illegal and conformity is required by law.