NBC News In Hot Water As Workers’ Rage Grows

NBC News is one of the mainstream networks that often hosts left-wing points of view. They claim to care about and respect things like diversity, rights, and “equity.”

Yet, like many large woke corporations, NBC isn’t quite as “principled” when the rubber meets the road. They are currently in a big argument with their NewsGuild union, which is representing NBC workers for better pay and rights.

The Current Status of the Labor Dispute

As of this time, NewsGuild will have to wait until at least the beginning of March to get an agreement put together for workers in all areas of NBC.

There have been many layoffs across NBC and MSNBC; it got so bad that 200 workers went on strike and left their jobs several weeks ago.

Shouting at NBC leaders as “criminals” in downtown Manhattan, MSNBC was specifically pinned as a hypocritical organization that treats its employees like dirt.

MSNBC, which was nicknamed “MSN-DNC” by former President Trump, is the cable news portion of NBC and is well known for being far-left.

It currently has a host by the name of Joy Reid, for example, who is an open racial supremacist who spreads hate against “white people” and incites violence against pale-skinned individuals on a daily basis.

Though behind all the rhetoric of being such champions of the underdog, MSNBC reportedly has been illegally firing workers and not paying nearly enough.

The Hypocrisy Stinks

Former employees like Alexander Kacala who went to the rally, say MSNBC and NBC treat employees with no respect and don’t respect union rights.

They’ve let people go, despite them being protected by the union, illegally axing contracts.

NBC and MSNBC say the union is distorting what’s happening and getting in the way of making a deal that’s favorable to both sides.

Kacala said when he worked on NBC’s “Today Show” for example, the shows were often on sensitive topics of well-being and mental health, but the actual environment and way people were treated was the opposite.

He felt disrespected and devalued on a daily basis, eventually leading up to his firing late last year. He knows many people in the NBC and MSNBC milieu feel in a similar, frustrated position.

The Bottom Line

Negotiating fair contracts with workers, respecting their contracts, and treating them with dignity should be a basic minimum for any company.

Republicans tend to trust unions less than Democrats because they’ve seen their worse side and how corrupt many of them got, particularly in places like Detroit.

Yet, there’s another side, too; it’s the side of runaway greedy woke corporations that don’t respect other people and believe workers are just replaceable objects of no human value.

MSNBC and NBC are demonstrating who they really are behind all the showy far-left words, and it’s a disturbing sight to see.