Neocon Traitor Liz Cheney Gets Her Behind Handed to Her by Ted Cruz

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is a liberal woman who’s part of the Republican Party only for the benefits. She and parasites like her steal the votes of hardworking patriots.

They sign patriots’ sons and daughters up for wars to pad their bank accounts and work toward globalist goals. Whether it’s Cheney, her father, or the many other RINOs who still infest our Congress, their lies and false faces are being exposed one by one.

The election of President Trump smoked many of them out of the shadows; it showed how they were fake conservatives and actually globalists who didn’t put America first.

Now, America First Senator Ted Cruz is calling out Cheney to her lying face.

Cruz Crushes Cheney

The liberal media loves fake conservatives. Cheney is one of their favorites. They were recently discussing whether she has any chance to run for president in 2024 (hint: she doesn’t).

On this topic, Cruz went straight for her weak spot. As he noted, the only way Cheney would have any chance would be to enter the Democrat primary process where she belongs. Cheney has absolutely no place in the Republican Party.

As Americans who took a few selfies on January 6 in the Capitol are locked up without proper medical care, food, or basic rights, sickening snakes like Cheney are slithering around trying to score fast votes.

If she wants to play that game, she can run for the Democrats; Cruz is entirely correct on this.

Cheney Responds

Throwing a little hissy fit to Cruz’s factual tweet, Cheney responded by calling him a “secessionist” and saying he’s a traitor. As Cruz said, Texas may have to consider seceding if the anti-American Democrats continue to steal elections and destroy what our country is built on.

This doesn’t make Cruz a secessionist and traitor, it makes him an American. Cheney wouldn’t understand that because pack rats like her only go to where they find the money and power.

This way, they can feed off the host’s body like the disgusting parasites they are. Cheney would never understand America meaning more than just a way to benefit and meaning actual principles you never back down on no matter what.

For Cheney, America is a country she can take from and never give back to. So, of course, she wouldn’t understand the existential threat the Biden regime and the Democrats pose.

Instead, she focuses on putting MAGA Republicans behind bars and insulting conservatives.

Cheney’s Corruption and Hypocrisy

Cheney has made it clear where she stands. She’s focused so much on January 6 because she has nothing to actually offer but self-righteous nonsense about civility and democracy.

This woman is a horrible person. She deserves to lose every election for the rest of time. It’s great that Cruz called her out in this way and humiliated her.