New Chinese Superweapon Puts All of America in Immediate Danger

Communist China is a threat to America and the world. They are pouring more and more money into their military and studying maps for destroying America on a daily basis.

The latest development should alarm every patriot, as news is now breaking about China’s test of a hypersonic nuclear weapon. The reason this is a game-changer is these weapons aren’t easily detectable or stoppable by American defense systems.

Defense officials are concerned, to say the least.

What is China’s New Weapon?

China’s new weapon is reportedly a hypersonic nuclear missile that uses what’s called a FOBS system. FOBS stands for fractional-orbital-bombardment-system. What this means, in plain English, is the missile pops out of the atmosphere rapidly and escapes radar and defense systems.

It can then come honing in from any direction in a devastating sneak attack and blitz defenses. Defense officials are doing their best to respond, but the news of China’s recent testing of these weapons is very serious indeed.

It’s clear with COVID and now with news of this test, China is serious about dominating the world with its Satanic communist ideology. We must be prepared for their agenda and have our defenses strong.

With people like Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley going behind Trump’s back last term to warn China of our capabilities and calm them down, we’ve lost a lot of our edge. We also gave away our edge on the trade war, which was backing China in a corner.

It’s time to get that back.

The Worst Part of This Story

The horrible thing about the FOBS technology is it picks out holes in missile defense shields and then hits us where it hurts more, likely by coming in over the South Pole with a crushing blitz.

China wants to have a second-strike ability as well; this way, if there is a war and we hit China, they can fire back and take millions of American lives without us being able to defend ourselves.

This orbital nuke should stop our bickering and make us get serious about nuclear defense. Our missile defense systems need to be hardened and upgraded, and we need to treat China as what it is: a hostile enemy.

We should not be talking to them diplomatically or warning them about our plans and actions like Milley did under Trump.

The New Arms Race

Either way, the new arms race is on between America and China. There’s no way to duck out of it just by complaining or talking about diplomacy. We need to get our missile defense systems at their absolute maximum.

We also need to root out any and all Chinese spies operating in our universities, military, and government. It’s time to tighten the belt and get serious.