New GOP Congressman George Santos Says His Lies Were Justified

Congressman George Santos of New York has been controversial ever since his election in November’s midterms. The Republican representative was caught out in a number of bizarre lies about his life, identity, work record, and background.

Now, he’s defending himself with a new justification, saying his local chapter of the Republican Party never would have “nominated” him if he hadn’t boosted his resume with various fake positions.

Santos made the comments during a recent interview with Newsmax, where he also made more highly bizarre claims.

What Else Did Serial Liar Santos Say?

Santos insisted he never set out to “deceive” anyone and was just trying to make sure he got the job he deserves and feels capable of doing well.

He said the media stories against him are part of a “narrative” spread by his local Nassau County Republican office that is annoyed he lied about some things in his background.

Santos’ documented falsehoods so far include lying that he is Jewish, lying that he went to university, lying that he worked for Goldman Sachs, and lying about more details of his pas work record and income.

Santos also falsely claimed his grandparents were Jews who left Europe in the Holocaust to escape death. He’s actually a Catholic Brazilian American born in Queens who has no connection to Judaism or the Jewish people.

More Lies From Santos

Democrats are currently trying to push forward a motion to expel Santos from the House and his lies keep stacking up.

He falsely claimed he went to a private school in New York, that his mom died due to things that happened on 9/11, that he’s friends with people who died in the Orland Pulse Nightclub massacre, and that his money came to him via fully honest channels.

He claimed on Newsmax his last company was one he started in 2001. Santos was 13 in 2001.

Admitting he’s “made mistakes,” Santos nonetheless says he’s doing a great job so far in Congress and is among the “most conservative” members of the House GOP.

Members of both parties have asked him to resign, but that looks like it’s not in Santos’ future plans unless he’s forced out.

The Truth About Santos

Finding the truth about Santos is a bit tricky in between all the lies. What we do know is that Santos was born in Queens in 1988 to two Brazilian-born parents who immigrated to America.

He had theft charges as a teen that got lifted. He was bullied in high school, while growing up in a lower-class family.

He went on to compete in several gay drag queen festivals as well, which he first denied and later admitted having “fun” at.

It’s clear somebody needs to do a real investigation of who this guy is and where he got his money. If nothing else, it would be extremely interesting and strange.