New Jersey Mom Stands Up Against LGBT Extremism At Her Kids School, Gets Reported To Police

Angela Reading has two kids who both attend elementary school. While serving on the board of education for her school, Reading found some things which concerned her.

This was especially the case of a poster promoting “polysexuality” on the doorway of her seven-year-old’s school. Why was it there and who put it there?

Reading posted on Facebook about her concerns, which is when she was reported to authorities by a high-up member of the US military for being a “threat.” Yes, seriously.

What Happened?

After Reading posted about her disapproval of the “polysexuality” poster plastered at her kid’s school, that should have been the end of it.

Major Chris Schilling of the nearby Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in Burlington County brought her post to the attention of local police. According to Schilling, Reading was making “many families” feel they were in danger in the community, due to her disapproval of the poster.

Schilling ranted about his disagreement on his own personal Facebook page, justifying his reporting of her to the police. He claimed the post brought up “safety concerns” for those in the community who might disagree with Reading.

What about Reading’s safety concerns in having her young child exposed to pansexuality and LGBT extremist doctrines at school?

As Reading said, her post on Facebook was very “moderate” and just disagreed that her young child should be getting exposed to “words like polysexual and pansexual.”

Military Has Been ‘Monitoring the Situation’

Schilling said that the military and “Joint Base leadership” had been “monitoring the situation” out of concern about Reading’s online post.

According to Schilling “Security Forces” were working with police and “local law enforcement” to make sure everybody stayed safe.

Reading committed no crime and made no threat. She’d simply raised concern and been upset over LGBT propaganda plastered in her kid’s school. As a result, she was threatened by a high-ranking military member.

She’s now suing the head of police of her local township, her school leadership, and military members at the Joint Base who she alleges conspired to threaten her for free speech.

The Lawsuit Moves Forward

As Reading’s lawyer, Christopher Ferrara, says, she is sick of being made a victim. All she did was comment on how her seven-year-old daughter was forced into confronting material inappropriate for her age.

Reading has every right to be a concerned parent. She deserves to win this lawsuit and have it brought to widespread public attention. Schilling and whoever else took offense at her post have the right to respond to it and publicly disagree.

Whereas the threats they made against her to take it down and try to squelch Reading’s free speech are un-American and disgraceful. Let the lawsuit progress.