New Laws Go Into Effect To Protect Kids From Adult Content

Adult content is all over the internet; usually, it’s easy to see. You simply type in a website and then promise that you’re over 18.

Though various states are making it harder; one of them is Louisiana, which recently put through tougher rules to protect kids from content they shouldn’t see.

It may be going through now in Louisiana, but others such as Senator Mike Lee of Utah want to make the law national.

What is the Law?

The new law in Louisiana started on the first day of this year. You will need to provide your official ID for proving how old you are, such as a driver’s license in order to view adult content on any site.

This law, Act 440, mandates that any sites showing one-third or more of content that isn’t appropriate for minors must request proof of official ID.¬†Adult content sites haven’t commented on the new changes, but there’s no doubt it will impact their traffic.

There’s also some concern here about whether people’s private info will be fully protected, especially when it pertains to accessing content that people might be embarrassed to have publicly associated with their name or released.

Reasonable Concerns About Privacy

There are some reasonable comments about privacy, but Governor John Bel Edwards hasn’t commented about these or about the new laws.

Obviously, security would be paramount for retaining user info, but the legal liability is not clear on what happens if sites do fail to do that.

State politician Laurie Schlegel says the bill is definitely necessary to “protect children” and that they need to be shielded from “extreme” content that is way too close to them from clicking onto.

This is the first place that’s putting these laws in, but Mike Lee of Utah wants to make it national.

Debating the Law

There’s no doubt that there’s too much extreme content out there and kids are seeing things they shouldn’t see.

In addition, adult content has been proven to be quite harmful to developing minds and libidos. It can be highly addictive and lead to many problems later in life, including sexual dysfunction and erectile disorder.

There’s no doubt keeping youngsters from adult content for longer in their lives is a good thing, but the debate will continue about what the best way is to accomplish that goal.

The Bottom Line

Do you agree with these new laws? What do you think is the best way to continue to allow freedom of content on the internet while protecting kids?

Some states, such as Utah, have even introduced content to block adult content altogether, while others feel this may be going too far.

What do you think? Should adult content be allowed? What restrictions should there be and for who?