New Poll on COVID Vaccine Has Biden Fuming with Anger

Around 30% of Americans are unvaccinated. Biden hates that and won’t stop talking about how these people are putting everyone in danger.

He recently lied, saying the vaccine stops you from spreading COVID to other people; the amount of misinformation coming out of the White House is at a Soviet level.

However, a new poll from YouGov has Biden fuming because it shows the unvaccinated aren’t just playing around. The vast majority are not interested in having an experimental treatment pumped into them without any long-term studies on it.

The results of this poll are also positive news for those who feel alone in their decision to stay unvaccinated and increasingly marginalized by the decision, due to the Biden regime’s regulations.

What Does the Poll Say?

The new poll was taken at the beginning of this month and done in a sample of 1,640 random American adults. First off, it’s important to mention that the majority (64%) of these respondents said they had all their COVID shots.

Of the remaining 36%, a large 15% said they will never get vaccinated and are not considering it; 10% said they feel unsure about getting the COVID shots. Those are large numbers, and it shows a majority of the unvaccinated would like to remain unvaccinated.

With all the bullying and regulations the Biden regime has put in, it’s a wonder that anyone is still resisting; it speaks volumes to the backbone of the American people that they don’t just fold over and take the jab like sheep.

It’s important to remember that only 3% of people actively supported the American Revolution, but it still won.

Even More Surprising Results

The most surprising and hopeful results, however, came among the unvaccinated. When they were asked about whether they will consider getting the shot, 60% said definitely not, 25% said they’re unsure and 15% said they will.

In other words, the vast majority of the unvaccinated plan to remain that way, and only a small minority are planning to get their shots.

In terms of why they want to stay unvaccinated, 40% of the unvaccinated said it’s simply that they “don’t trust” the vaccines; 10% said they already have natural immunity from having COVID and 8% said the vaccines don’t work well enough at stopping infection and transmission, in their view.

Another 8% said the virus itself doesn’t worry them enough to get the vaccine. The remaining 5% said it’s not easy for them to get the actual vaccine where they live.

The Bottom Line

No amount of pressure and bullying is working to force the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. If the Biden regime actually wants to get vaccination rates up, they should stop being such tyrants and let people make their own decisions.

If the vaccine keeps working, then the unvaccinated will change their minds. Facts speak much louder than intimidation.