New Poll Proves That Time is Up for the Democrats

If you live in a blue city, then you know how bad things are. The Democrat crime wave sweeping over this country could literally get you killed. Murder and rape rates are soaring in our cities, especially those run by Democrats who want to take our guns.

Under the Biden regime, the recipe is simple: tax the hell out of ordinary Americans, give away money to people who don’t want to work, shut down hardworking businesses and let people get murdered by illegally-armed psychopaths and illegal immigrants.

This horrific ideology is not going unnoticed, thankfully. A new poll from Rasmussen shows just how angry Americans have become with the traitorous Democrat Party.

Murder Rate Skyrockets

Since Biden seized power, homicide rates have skyrocketed. Murder has gone up a horrifying 16% just in the past year in our major cities. Democrats go on about slashing funding to police, but meanwhile the rest of us see criminals getting a free pass and we feel enraged, as we should.

In San Francisco, it’s now legal to steal anything under $950. The police and security guards are literally not allowed to stop anyone stealing under $950 from a store.Oregon has legalized all drugs. Baltimore no longer prosecutes drugs, prostitution and minor thefts.

Seriously: is this the country we want to live in? No, it is not. The new Rasmussen poll shows that 70% of Americans consider crime “out of control” and 90% are extremely “concerned” about the jump in violence in this country.

Most of the poll respondents consider the political policies of the left to be responsible for our crime wave. Sorry, Democrats: you’re busted.

Policies Driving Crime

70% of those who answered the poll believe that liberal judges are going too easy on criminals, as well as bail bond corruption and letting criminals out of jail early. Even a 60% majority of Democrats and 81% of GOP respondents answering the poll admitted crime is way out of control.

The writing is on the wall. Democrat policies have failed. There’s a reason that gun sales to law-abiding Americans of all races is at record highs: they know that the Democrats and our current regime will not protect them.

They hear the nonsense about defunding police and know that behind the BLM rhetoric is a harsh reality: no protection from violent murderers. The police can’t work for nothing and they can’t be safe in a nation full of anti-police propaganda. The lies of the Democrats have become life-threatening.

Why is All This Happening?

Why is America falling apart? We could point to economics, the breakup of the family, decline in religion and many other factors; yet, another one of the biggest reasons is that the left in this country has been taken over by communists.

They want us divided, chaotic and weak so they can seize power. Now they are trying to collapse the system and instigate a full communist revolution. These are dangerous times indeed.