New Polls Show a Very Divided States of America

Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey - 3D Icons by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

President Biden promised to bring the country together when he was running for office.

Then as soon as he got in he signed executive orders opening up the borders, forcing unpopular transgender rules on states and making it clear he was only fighting for one team: the Democrats. 

Now as he approaches 100 days as POTUS, polls show Biden with an approval rating of 53 percent. Many respondents are happy with how he’s handled the pandemic, but huge divisions still remain. 

“Republican? Democrat? Undecided?” by edenpictures is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Big Problems Remain

The poll was done by Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt who works for Hart Research Associates along with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies. Despite showing Biden with a fairly solid approval rating, it shows that big problems remain. One is the vaccine, which 20% of poll respondents don’t want to get. 

In addition, a majority of those in the poll believe the country is on the wrong track and 80% believe the nation is divided and that Biden has failed to unite it. You read that right: 80%.

I guess there is something progressives and conservatives can agree on after all. 

“In a first-100-days poll, we change presidents, but we don’t change the country,” said McInturff, giving Biden some slack.

To be fair, McInturff has a point. You can’t blame Biden for creating most of the division in this country. It already existed when he came into office, thanks in part to his good friend and former boss Barack Obama. But it’s also undeniable that Biden has made the division worse and caused big waves with things like canceling the Keystone XL pipeline right off the get go. 

Where Biden wins big is among Democrats, with 90% saying they approve of the job he’s doing. Republicans? Not so much. Only 9% say they approve of the job Biden is doing. Those must be the ones who are too busy to read the news. 

High Marks for Biden on COVID-19, Low Marks for China

Biden gets a 69% approval rating on handling the pandemic, and 52% on how he’s dealt with the economy. But the way that he’s handled the Communist police state of China has not gotten such high approval, with only 35% saying he’s doing a good job on China. 

As for borders and immigration? Just 33% agree, while only 34% support the way that Biden has approached gun rights. 

However, overall the poll results are basically “OK” for Biden and show that 59% like his infrastructure plan and 56% say they feel more helpful about Biden being in office. The thing is: the infrastructure plan is actually a thinly disguised radical left environmental scam with handouts to all sorts of donors and friends, and the 56% who are optimistic don’t know what they’re talking about. 

The main attitude, even among some centrists, seems to be that Biden is “less drama” than Trump and can safely be ignored. He’s just a typical President and the polling shows that people more or less see him as just another guy. They found it stressful that Trump had run-ins with the media or challenged the establishment so much? Well, excuse him for trying to put America on a better track instead of just leaving it to the wolves and communists. 

Seeing Biden as a harmless paper pusher is actually a big mistake to make. 

Behind Biden’s boring exterior is a Trojan Horse for the furthest left elements that have ever had power in this country. They are pushing a radical social and economic agenda that’s going to lead to the end of the American system, while enabling the worst mobs of extremist BLM and Antifa that we’ve seen in decades.