New Reports Suggest Kamala Harris is About to be Fired as VP

Kamala Harris is one of the worst vice presidents in American history. Her approval ratings are so low, you’d need a magnifying glass to see them.

Even Sleepy Joe Biden is reportedly having a lot of disagreements and confrontations with her, which is no surprise. Harris’ staff say it’s a nightmare working for her, and she’s clearly not a nice or competent lady.

Now, reports are emerging the Biden regime may be on the verge of replacing Harris. 

Could Biden Really Boot Harris Out?

Biden and Harris basically hate each other. She called him a racist during her pathetic run for president; he only picked her as vice president because his handlers said she checks the right boxes of being a woman and minority.

Everybody knows that, obviously, including her. This woman couldn’t manage an ice cream stand, much less the vice presidency of the greatest country on earth.

If she really does get kicked out, Biden’s team is going to have to give her a seat on the Supreme Court, which will be hard to do with the GOP running the Senate. This woman hasn’t exactly been a friend to conservatives and it’s hard to see why they would agree to let her through.

Also, Biden would have to put in another black woman to replace Harris as vice president to avoid controversies accusing him of being racist. It’s not clear who he could pick and if it would be a successful choice.

What About 2024?

Harris has a good chance of being the Democrat nominee for president in 2024 if Biden doesn’t run, just because of her being vice president and checking the right boxes.

Other ideas that have been floated around (like failed Transportation Secretary and former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg) are just not very viable. The truth is the Democrat Party is in much worse shape than it would like you to believe, and Harris isn’t a good option for them.

If Harris gets replaced as vice president, it’s not clear what the leftists’ long game will be. After all, Bernie Sanders or Stacey Abrams aren’t exactly going to be a sure thing for a presidential run.

What’s Really Going On?

At this point, we just have to keep following any new developments. What’s clear is the Biden regime is considering cutting Harris loose before she has a chance to build up steam for a 2024 run.

She’s considered to be a loose cannon and they don’t need more problems. If you’ve been watching how badly we’re doing economically, in foreign policy, and in almost every way, then it’s no surprise the Biden team doesn’t need Harris as well.

She’s just more drama, lies, and incompetence. Pay attention, because there’s a real chance they could try to cut her loose soon.