New Shock Study Shows the Truth About Masks

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sheffield, UK by Tim Dennell is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

If you’ve been listening to the official story on COVID, you are likely very confused.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has changed what he’s said hundreds of times…and the information seems to keep shifting.

One of the biggest flips is over the origins of COVID; after all, we were told for months that it came from a random market in Wuhan, China where people were eating weird animals.

It turns out that this is very likely not true and it might have escaped from a lab.

Without even getting into the supposed safety of the COVID vaccines and the issue of vaccine passports, let’s take a look at another massive COVID lie: masks. 

Faces of a paralyzed world during the Covid 19 pandemic by Can Pac Swire is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

New Study Busts Mask Myth

Although Fauci and others always said masks weren’t a magic cure, the ongoing claim and forcing you to wear them everywhere was all about how they at least help prevent you from getting sick. 

Except they don’t.

New data shows that masks aren’t even affecting COVID numbers; this can be seen from Texas, which got rid of its mask requirement two months ago and has had cases go down steadily ever since. This comes despite only an average vaccination rate. 

If you want to wear a mask, knock yourself out (maybe literally from hyperventilating and breathing in stale air all day), but don’t kid yourself that it’s going to save you from COVID. 

A new study shows that 80% of states had a mask mandate, but they didn’t have any lower COVID transmission; they also had the same proportional amounts of COVID as states that didn’t have mask mandates. 

The only beneficial effect of masks was seen when cases were very low, as it seemed to push them even a bit lower. Yet, when the cases were rising, masks were found to do literally nothing to stop numbers and infections from going up. 

The CDC still won’t stop saying that masks help stop COVID; however, studies do confirm their claim that wearing masks can help you breathe in less of the virus and lead to lower death rates. At the very least, there is some part of what they’re saying that can be true in some cases. 

More From the Study…

The study showing that the disease spreads just as much in states not requiring masks also showed that it can be related to where people wear masks. 

If you mask up at an empty beach or alone in your car, you’re not exactly stopping a virus. You’re just being mentally ill. 

As liberal states move to put in long term mask mandates, perhaps they would do well to look at the numbers and realize that they’re not stopping COVID; They’re just making people into hypochondriacs with a false sense of security.