New Trump Ad Brutally Scorches Biden

President Joe Biden deserves all the criticism he’s getting. The man has let our nation down in almost every way you can think of and betrayed our core values.

He’s just handed Afghanistan to China and abandoned thousands of Americans behind enemy lines. So, any patriot can be forgiven for wanting to see Biden get an earful and get shouted down in public for the terrible job he is doing.

A new ad out from former President Trump hits Biden right where it hurts. This ad summarizes it all in just one minute and 30 seconds of pure fire.

The New Trump Ad

The new Trump ad starts with Biden talking about how he’ll save this country and bring us back to our pre-Trump status in the world. Then it shows the reality: record inflation, open borders, a complete failure to stop COVID, a horrific mess in Afghanistan, and a government that has made America weaker, stupider and sicker.

The Biden regime should win a gold medal in failure. They have approached issues that Trump was already progressing on and driven them into the ground with so much enthusiasm that it almost looks like they are working for our enemies.

The Manchurian candidate is supposed to be a movie, not an actual president of the United States. This ad scorches Biden badly. He’ll have to sit up from his nap when he sees this one…and the part that’s really going to sting is that it’s all true.

Is Trump Running?

Trump’s ad looks a lot like a campaign ad. Then, you take a look at his rallies like his recent MAGA one in Cullman, Alabama and it sure looks a lot like Trump is going to run.

He hasn’t announced yet, but we know that Trump told Sean Hannity he has decided. It looks to me a lot like a yes (probably with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his VP pick) but we will have to see.

Either way, there is no doubt that this ad shows Trump is back with a vengeance. The scenes and reality it depicts are just brutal. It shows the horrible lies of the Biden regime and just how much they have betrayed our country.

There’s no way to just close your eyes to what’s going on with the way this nation is being gaslit and lied to on a daily basis by Biden and Co.

Biden Needs to Go

Biden obviously needs to go. Next year’s midterms will hopefully do something to check his power, but it’s hard to imagine what Biden serving out the rest of his term could do to America.

The problem is his VP Kamala Harris is a monster with no love of this country. We want Trump back.