New York Times Weighs in on Cuba Freedom Protests with Baffling Stupidity

Cubans are fighting for their lives and freedom as their country buckles under the weight of decades of communist evil.

However, in their cushy offices in New York, liberal journalists are busy talking about how great communism is for making everyone happy.

The latest ridiculous claim from 1619 Project figurehead (and ridiculous race hustler Nicole Hannah Jones) is that Cuban communism “ended” state-based racism and is a wonderful example of America’s potential future.

Here’s the thing. People like Jones aren’t just naive or wrong: they’re dangerous. 

The Cuban Revolution Ended Racism? News to Me

Jones and her racist 1619 Project are focused on American slavery and how evil America’s roots supposedly are. 

Conveniently ignoring that 90% of black slaves were brought to South America, not the 13 colonies or later theUnited States, the 1619 Project is a woke abomination. It’s designed to demoralize, confuse and crush down children and students’ patriotism and identity. 

Jones has said from the beginning that she supports the Cuban Revolution when Fidel Castro and Che Guevara overthrew the Batista government. 

She believes that Cuba is actually a model for the US to follow because of its successful “integration” racially. 

Jones admitted she’s not an “expert” on racial issues globally, but said Cuba was a great example of being a “multi-racial country.”

Spoiler: Ms. Jones you’re also not an expert on race relations inside the US either…and you’re dead wrong about Cuba.

Socialism Kills Racism?

According to Jones, socialism brings about racial equality because when people get more from their government, they stop focusing on skin tone and identity so much. 


Alleging that Cuba has “the least inequality” between whites and blacks, Jones specifically says this is due to socialism. She also said Cuba has a great healthcare and educational system and is somewhere for America to imitate and look up to. 

Excuse my language, but what an idiot. Che and Castro were famously racist against black Cubans; they regarded them as lazy and “savage,” with many of their writings exposing their deep lack of respect for Cubans of African descent. 

Jones is only interested in praising Cuba in order to undermine America. She’s a liberal gaslighter of the highest order; no wonder she works at the New York Times. 

Side With Cubans, Not Cuba’s Evil Government

The Cuban people have been out on their streets protesting for freedom. The liberal media tells you it’s about being annoyed over lack of medicine and upset about COVID. 

Actually, it’s about being upset over six decades of living under a bullcrap regime that’s taken away almost everything from them and made life into a grueling joke. 

There’s no reason to even read or pay attention to the New York Times or its puppets like Jones. The only reason I mention it here is to show readers just how insane, un-American, and evil our liberal media has become.