New York’s Subway System Shows Crime Spree as Failure of Leftist Policies

Since only one year ago, crime in New York City’s transit system is up by 60%. This includes muggings, theft, assault, rape, and murder.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams used to work in transit and he knows how bad it is, especially on the subway system. He’s trying to clean things up and crack down on the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

Though the truth is leftist policies in New York have left places like its subway system full of crime and unchecked insanity.

Understanding what caused this nightmare is very important for cities and communities that want to avoid the same mistakes.

How Did This Happen?

New York has been under leftist control for many decades, and progressive policies made its transit system into a den of crime and chaos.

In particular, the problem is that progressives in the city government have been very soft on crime and let many mentally ill people out on the streets.

Criminals and crazy people (categories that sometimes overlap) wander the subway system as people go about their lives and try to get to work. It’s a toxic and brutal combination that often results in horrible situations and crimes.

Every day, people riding New York’s subways, buses, and trains have become accustomed to dramatic scenes, thefts, crimes, suicide attempts, and chaos.

Last year, the so-called ‘A Train Ripper’ stabbed as many people as he could over a one-day period all around the subways, murdering two people and injuring several others in his rampage.

Earlier this year, a young lady was shoved onto the tracks and killed, while two individuals were hammered to death by criminals a couple of months later.

Others had human excrement rubbed on their faces two months ago. The criminal was let out of jail by a judge after being arrested.

Then, a little over a week ago, we saw the Brooklyn shooting.

Black Supremacist Goes on Shooting Rampage

The Brooklyn shooting suspect, Frank James, was arrested, following his April 12 attack on the New York subway in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. James is accused of indiscriminately shooting people after deploying a smoke bomb, injuring 29.

Despite having been already arrested 12 times for numerous crimes, James was free and on the loose. He’d also been extensively posting online about his hatred for white people, his disgust with police, and his desire to commit an act of violence.

Apparently, that raised no red flags for progressive policymakers who seem intent on allowing criminals out of jail and giving them free rein to harm innocent people.

The idea that you are fighting racism by letting violent criminals out of jail just because of their skin tone is anti-American nonsense. Places like New York’s transit system show the consequences.