Nurse in Texas Loses Her Job for Not Getting COVID Shot

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The COVID vaccines are supposed to save us all. That’s if you believe the official statistics and ignore all the stories of horrible side effects, miscarriages and deaths. 

That’s also if you ignore just how hard this vaccine is being pushed by all the usual suspects: braindead leftists, Hollywood celebrities (but I repeat myself), establishment politicians, talking head corporate news drones and suburb wine moms who believe whatever comes on their TV screen.

The other problem with the vaccine is that it’s supposed to be a choice: get the vaccine get “protected.”

Don’t get it, be in “danger.” 

Your choice, right? After all, if you get the vaccine you should be fully safe from those dangerous people who didn’t get it…right? 

Not so much, as one Texas nurse recently found out after losing her job at Houston Methodist Hospital for not getting the jab. 

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Nurse Fired on the Spot for Turning Down the COVID Shot

Houston’s Methodist Hospital is one of the top medical institutions in the Lone Star state. It doesn’t hire people who don’t know what they’re doing, and it has strict standards and regulations. 

But one of its nurses found out the hard way that all the high standards and professionalism go out the window when you try to make your own choices about your health. 

Michelle Fuentes worked at Houston Methodist and didn’t agree when the administration required all staff to get the vaccination. She was straight with them and said she wanted to wait until all clinical trials were done and the FDA actually signed off on the vaccine as safe (which hasn’t happened yet, because nobody knows). 

In other words, Fuentes believes in science and thought that some establishment medical folks would believe in science, too. 

She was wrong. They believe in peer pressure and using their tyrannical authority to crush dissent and get people jabbed up with some experimental vaccine that the former Chief Science Officer and Vice President at Pfizer Dr. Michael Yeadon has said on record is a giant experiment and could be highly dangerous

In any case, Fuentes wanted to abide by the policy that lets you get an exception if you have religious or medical reasons for opposing vaccinations. She was turned down and she was told to submit her resignation after ten years of working hard with no complaints for the hospital. Some appreciation, right?

Fuentes was upset and gave an interview to the local media at which point she was shown out the door and fired on the spot. 

‘We Were Constantly Being Pressured and Pressured’

Fuentes said the atmosphere in the hospital as the date of getting the shot approached was toxic and full of pressure. 

“I knew that the date was looming over my head of me to get the vaccine and we were constantly being pressured and pressured,” Fuentes said, noting that Houston Methodist had told all employees to take the shot by June 7. 

Those who wanted an exemption had to have paperwork in by May 3. Fuentes followed this rule but the hospital denied her request saying “not all exemptions are granted.”

Fuentes made the mistake of believing in science here and pointing out that real trials of the vaccines haven’t been done. She probably would have been better off going with a religious exemption argument, especially if she said she was a minority religion where she could then claim “persecution” or “racism” if they didn’t grant the exemption. 

As it stands, Fuentes is out. Far from being an “anti-vaxxer,” she’s had plenty of other shots in the past as her records show. She said she would work in the COVID ward if necessary, since even if she ended up COVID positive from not having the supposed miracle vaccines it wouldn’t hurt those who…already have COVID.

Nope, nope, nope, said the hospital. You’re fired. 

This story isn’t over, however. Fuentes’ coworker Jennifer Bridges is launching a lawsuit against Houston Methodist over their forced vaccination policy. 

We wish her success in her lawsuit and Fuentes luck and success in finding a new job with a more respectful and science-believing employer.