NYC and Chicago Turning Down Illegal Immigrants as Chaos Begins

America’s illegal immigration crisis is enormous. Last year, in 2022, over two million illegal migrants were caught crossing the southern border. That’s just those who were apprehended.

Most are released, let out to await an asylum hearing that never comes, and often head to major American cities.

Whereas now the leftist mayors of New York and Chicago say they’ve had enough and other states are having to find new destinations to send their undocumented friends.

One such state is Colorado, where leftist Governor Jared Polis has been blindsided by New York and Chicago not wanting the illegals from his state.

Colorado’s Illegal Immigration Crisis

Despite not being on the border, Colorado has seen a huge increase in illegal immigrants who want to get somewhere else in America. Polis now has to make new plans to deal with this, as two of the major destination say they won’t accept more.

New York, led by Eric Adams, and Chicago, led by Lori Lightfoot, say they’re closing the doors on allowing undocumented folks to keep being moved there.

Polis is angry and said the “political games” being played by Lightfoot and Adams do not impress him. They are a slap in the face to illegal immigrants who are running away from “oppression” and “violence” to try to have a safe and decent life, per Polis.

He said he won’t force anyone to stay in Colorado if they want to go somewhere else and he doesn’t appreciate his fellow Democrats trying to dictate where undocumented immigrants get to go.

New York and Chicago are both sanctuary cities and should be fine accepting an unlimited amount of illegal immigrants. Lightfoot and Adams sent a letter together whining at Polis to stop busing illegals to their city after he sent only a couple of hundred!

Some compassion!

What Do Adams and Lightfoot Claim?

According to Adams and Lightfoot, it’s Polis who is playing political games. They say he’s sending illegals to their cities just to put more pressure on them and get rid of his excess population.

Their proof? They claim he’s sending people who have no provable “ties” to their city and no “community networks” there that can help them.

They say he’s using people as a human weapon the way they claim Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did when he sent a few migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

As for Biden, he’s spent most of his time denying there even is a crisis. Now that he claims he’s going to start getting tough, we see how his own party can’t even work out which city to house their illegals in.

The Bottom Line

This kind of petty infighting is disturbing to watch. These people are bartering over the destination of human lives like they’re discussing auction items or cattle.

This is what happens when a crisis goes ignored and the impact of this many people starts to be felt. It isn’t about politics anymore, it’s about reality.

Though the Democrats have played games for too long; now, they’re going to be made to house those they have invited into the country, one way or another.