Obama Blames Trump For Rise of Communist China

Former President Barack Obama has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since leaving office.

He’s still worshiped by the liberal media and goes on occasional speaking tours, but for the most part, he’s let his wife Michelle take the spotlight with her cringe-worthy books and podcasts.

Now, Obama is sounding off, however. He recently raised eyebrows when he said some very false and very angry things about former POTUS Donald Trump.

What Did Obama Say?

Speaking in Australia to adoring crowds, Obama went out of his way to blame Trump for current problems with China. According to Obama, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is very “confident” and saw a chance to undermine American power when Trump came into office.

Obama says because Trump didn’t believe in strong alliances, China used that to fill the “vacuum” of American power globally. In other words, Obama said China is more of a threat today because of Trump being stupid.

Obama was speaking at a large event in Australia’s largest city of Sydney, where people paid $200 to $895 each to see him talk. The appearance made him over $1 million dollars and was full of Trump hate and meaningless liberal rhetoric.

Here’s the Truth

The truth is that Trump did the exact opposite of what Obama said. He didn’t create a “vacuum” with China; he treated them with respect, but toughly.

He showed them America could no longer be pushed around and wouldn’t just roll over and play dead like Europe and other places. Trump said America wasn’t going to sign more one-sided trade deals and keep hollowing out its working class.

As Trump said, liberals including Bill Clinton and Obama “created a monster” by giving China such preferential trade deals and betraying America’s working class.

China was made powerful and became a much bigger threat under Obama and it’s enjoying a resurgence under Biden.

The reason is they know these men will never act decisively in America’s interests; they work for globalists and an internationalist ideology that puts America last.

Looking in the Mirror

Obama should become an actor and stop pretending to be a serious political figure. The man can’t speak without telling a lie and he’s done more than enough harm already.

China is powerful and threatening because of people like him, not Trump.