Ohio Residents Suffering Horrible Medical Issues After Train Derailment

In early February of this year, a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. The Norfolk Southern train cars were full of dangerous toxic chemicals, including vinyl chloride.

The train cars were burned up in a “controlled explosion” and toxins leaked out into the air. Now, residents are experiencing horrible health issues as the Biden regime turns a blind eye to their suffering.

An Epidemic of Horrible Side Effects

The small town of East Palestine is about 40 miles from Pittsburgh on the Pennsylvania border. It was flooded with black clouds of hazardous poison after the “controlled explosion.”

Former President Trump visited to provide support and shamed the Biden regime into sending FEMA and federal help.

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg only made a short visit where he sneered and smirked, ignoring the people’s pain and disgustingly blaming Trump for the train derailment. Smug leftists like Buttigieg couldn’t care less about the suffering of regular Americans.

One of the East Palestine residents who’s suffering is named Courtney Miller. She says she has horrible and constant stomach pain that feels like being stabbed.

Miller says she is also often short of breath and with oozing marks on her face, but the hospital tells her it’s not serious. Miller lives about 100 yards from where the trains derailed.

A Lack of Answers

Miller said nothing has been done to help her and Norfolk Southern hasn’t been held accountable. Other residents like Shelby Walker also experienced health problems and had their blood testing positive for benzene and vinyl chloride.

These are poisonous and even for those not experiencing problems now, these chemicals directly cause cancer.

The Bottom Line

The Biden regime and its gross incompetence are responsible for what has happened in East Palestine. The response has been pathetic. East Palestine residents deserve answers and real help.