Oregon Democrats Have Gone Completely Insane

There’s a reason so many Americans are leaving blue states and moving to red states.

Spoiler alert: it’s not just the weather.

It seems like every time you read the headlines coming out of these progressive strongholds, you have to double check it’s not satire.

The latest example comes from leftist-controlled Oregon, where the state Senate has voted to give Medicaid to illegal immigrants.

Bill Passes Senate 17-11

The bill is called the Cover All People Act (HB 335); HB 335 gives Medicaid to illegal immigrants of all ages and it easily cleared Oregon’s Senate by a vote of 17-11.

It passed Oregon’s house by 37-21 prior to that; the bill has also been embraced by the state’s left. Oregon Democrats feel it is only fair to give healthcare to illegals who are part of Oregonian society and work in many of its service jobs and other areas. 

No word on how fair it is to Oregon taxpayers whose money will soon be going to pay for foreign people’s healthcare in their state. 

The bill now goes to ultra-left Governor Kate Brown for her final approval.

How Many Illegals are in Oregon?

There are at least 110,000 illegal immigrants in Oregon – and that’s just official estimates. The real number is likely even higher. 

Around 100,000 of these people would be eligible for Medicaid if they were citizens. 

The key words in there are “if they were citizens.” They’re not, so why should they get free healthcare?

The cost of the bill in the next several years is looking like at least $100 million or more. 

Democrats in favor of the bill say that keeping healthcare from illegals continues “systems of inequity”; then again, Democrats also think that all white people are racist, so take whatever they say with a grain of salt. 

There’s no doubt that lefty fanatic Brown will sign this; she’s obsessed with “expanding access” to healthcare for society’s poorest, which she’s talked about often. 

Welcome to Oregon

Oregon used to be a beautiful state…and it still is, in terms of nature. 

Sadly, it’s full of extreme Democrats who are dragging it down into the mud. 

Oregon has considered making the mask mandate permanent; they’ve made all drugs legal (including heroin and cocaine), so look for it to become a giant homeless camp of crime and disorder in the near future. 

Portland already burns every night. 

Democrats on a federal level have been pushing non-stop to get benefits to illegals during COVID and fighting to try to prioritize illegals in various ways. 

It’s up to Republicans and conservatives to try to restore some common sense, because Democrats like those in Oregon are not joking around.

They seriously want to take the money of hardworking Americans and hand it out to people who are here illegally. They truly want to prioritize who gets what based on skin color. Oregon Democrats are genuinely ideological threats to the principles of the American Republic.