People Are Getting Raped, Thanks to Democrats’ Soft-on-Crime Policies

Like many blue cities across this country, Seattle has become a dangerous hellhole of public drug use, assault, robbery, rape, and murder.

Police are stretched thin after years of being undermined by the far left. Disorder and shoplifting are common. Homeless folks line the streets and camp out under bridges while community organizations hand out free needles.

Though all the social justice counseling and mental health services available don’t seem to fix the problems.

A recent horrific rape case in Seattle shows exactly why things are getting so bad in blue cities.

Repeat Offender Rapes Two Women at Homeless Camp

One of Seattle’s many homeless camps recently had a horrific incident when a man named Myron Jacobs was arrested for rape.

He was caught literally with his pants down while the violated woman was traumatized and on the ground.

Authorities arrived at an emergency call at the camp and found a woman screaming for help. They found a half-naked woman inside one of the tents and saw Jacobs running away naked.

Authorities immediately arrested Jacobs as the woman told them how she had been physically assaulted by him and suffocated when she tried to yell for help.

Once she got to the hospital the woman explained more, saying Jacobs was a total stranger who had cornered her and threatened to kill her while raping her violently.

Seattle police have numerous and extensive rules of evidence, however. They were still looking for solid proof that Jacobs was the culprit. Then, they were forced to let him go after two days. The Democrat policies running the city of Seattle let a rapist go.

So, he decided to rape again at the exact same homeless encampment. 

This time, he raped a pregnant woman, physically assaulting her and saying he knew he’d “get away” with the crime anyway.

This woman was eight months pregnant and he viciously raped her for four hours after drugging her with a laced drink.

The health of the baby is not clear at this time.

A Sick Pattern

Jacobs is finally in jail and not getting out anytime soon. However, the pattern of being soft on crime led to this repeat rape and everyone knows it.

Seattle police are stretched thin. Rape cases are being mostly ignored for prosecution and investigation as the city struggles with a skyrocketing murder rate.

The insane Defund the Police protests led to 300 officers leaving the force in Seattle. Another 150 are on extended leave and taking a breather while the left whines and attacks them on a daily basis.

The result is innocent people are getting badly hurt and nobody’s being properly punished thanks to soft-on-crime DAs and leftist legal policies.

Enough is enough!