Plot to Kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Planned and Done by the FBI

After January 6, we saw just how far the FBI and our federal government are willing to go to blame all conservatives and Trump supporters for the actions of a few individuals. Now a shocking new development shows just how much the conservative movement is being targeted by the liberal regime running this country. 

For months we heard about crazy right-wingers who planned to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. They were supposedly really close to pulling it off, and the poor Democrat lady would have been in so much danger, we were told. 

Guess what? It was an undercover FBI operation planned – and mostly done – by none other than the FBI themselves. Ultimately, it was fake and it was done to entrap and demonize conservatives. 

Shocking New Details on Whitmer Plot

The FBI had an informant inside the plot to kidnap Whitmer called Dan. He observed some guys in a patriot group called Wolverine Watchmen saying how much they hated Whitmer and wanted to kidnap her. 

He then started wearing a wire and reporting back everything to the FBI about these guys for six months, racking up evidence against them. He also scored a hefty paycheck from the FBI of around $55,000 for his work. 

In addition to Dan, the FBI had more than ten informants into the group and many undercover agents who encouraged the plot to kidnap Whitmer and helped the Watchmen plan it. This is not a matter of just getting a handle on a group of bad men with bad plans. 

These undercover agents actively worked to make their plan worse and more specific, entrapping them into more and more serious crimes. Without the actions of the undercover assets, it’s questionable if the plot even would have gotten nearly as far as it did. 

Even the first meeting between various online members of the watchmen to bring their plan from online into reality was all set up by an FBI informant!

Let Me Get That Bill For You

The FBI even paid for hotel rooms for plotters so they could be comfy while they fantasized about nabbing Whitmer. Entrapment is supposed to be illegal; however, informants clearly have a lot of space to do whatever they want here, even pressuring and convincing suspects to go further with crimes. 

The reason the FBI continues to do things like this is simple: they get away with it and it “solves” cases. Since they’re in on the cases from almost the very beginning, it’s not too hard to stop the bad things from happening that you’ve helped to set up every step of the way. 

The informant Dan even helped the watchmen pick a cabin they’d take Whitmer to; meanwhile, other FBI agents pushed one of the most vocal group members, Adam Fox, into becoming more violent and extreme, trying to goad him into action. 

Why Were the Watchmen Against Whitmer?

Fox apparently got angry at Whitmer when she shut down the gyms in Michigan over COVID. The Watchmen started by chatting online, but eventually met in Lansing outside the state Capitol in mid-June to start talking turkey. 

Fox encouraged them to develop a plan where they’d not only kidnap Whitmer but rush into the Capitol and execute the politicians on live TV. The other group members thought that what he was saying was insane; although, FBI informant Dan encouraged them to hear Fox out and listen to what he was saying with the kidnapping plot and with his other violent ideas.  

The FBI was behind the plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.