Portland Letting Antifa Criminals Back on the Streets to Harass, Assault People

The city of Portland, Oregon used to have a good reputation. It was known as a beautiful place full of good coffee and decent, hardworking people.

However, in the past decade, this city has gone steeply downhill. For one thing, its murder rate keeps going up sharply each year. For another thing, Antifa terrorists keep swarming its streets with no consequences.

Liberal Mayor Ted Wheeler turned down help from Trump during last summer’s rioting and he’s clearly scared of the militant left. No more evidence is needed than a recent case involving Antifa terrorist Joshua Warner.

Meet Joshua (“Eva”) Warner

Joshua Warner is a man from Beaverton, Oregon.

He “identifies” as a woman called Eva. In other words, this man believes he is a woman. Warner is also a violent Antifa radical who likes destroying property and threatening people in order to force his communist beliefs on others.

In September 2020, Warner ran into some trouble. That’s because, during riots, Warner was part of a crowd that went wild and started setting fires and smashing windows. His fellow miscreants also pushed large garbage cans into the street to block cars.

Warner used a laser to try to blind and harm the police who responded to the riots. Then, when they arrested him, he flailed his spindly leftist pencil arms to try to resist arrest.

A week later, he got arrested again at another riot. Warner got hit with a charge of causing felony disorder and was all lined up for a federal case to pay for what he did.

Well, now the payment has been demanded for Warner’s violent insurrection: thirty hours of community service. Yes, you read that right.

This despicable insurrectionist had his case dismissed in return for doing 30 hours of helping out the community.


As people like Warner are let back out on the streets to fight against America, Trump supporters who walked into the Capitol on January 6 and took a selfie are rotting in prison.

They don’t have adequate medical care, food, or legal protection, but scum like Warner are getting let off with a warning, more or less. This is the America in which we live in 2021. This is the America of the left.

Cue the federal investigations led by “Republican” Liz Cheney into a few people snapping selfies and no consequences for murderous leftists (who worship Vladimir Lenin) setting fires in the streets of our cities.

We’re in Trouble

If this is justice in our day and age, then we are in big trouble. Young men like Warner need psychological treatment and punishment for their crimes.

If America continues to allow this kind of degeneracy and evil to spread, we will end up with civil war or a collapsed nation. There’s no room for tolerating violence and hate.