President Trump Slams Biden’s New Border Policy

When news came out yesterday that Biden plans to pay out $450,000 each to illegal immigrant separated from family members at the border, the nation was shocked.

That’s more than the widows of dead military members receive. It’s like illegal aliens suddenly won a jackpot for breaking our nation’s laws and getting caught doing it.

One of those individuals who’s speaking up is President Trump himself. Trump spoke for all of us yesterday when he commented on Biden’s new proposal and how insane it really is.

Trump Slams Biden’s Insane New Policy

Speaking Friday, Trump commented this new idea from Biden is “not even believable,” slamming Sleepy Joe for this crazy policy idea. As Trump noted, his policy was simply a continuation of what was already done under Obama; it happened in order to discourage families from coming with their kids.

In addition, separation of families was another way to ensure migrants weren’t being trafficked by dangerous coyotes pretending to be their parents. It was literally protecting kids and also holding parents responsible for their awful decision to drag their children through a desert and break the law.

However, as we all know, the liberal media went insane over what happened, claiming it was somehow a new policy to separate families. They also bizarrely called the places migrants were kept for processing “cages,” claiming Trump was some kind of inhuman monster.

The outcry was deafening, but as we all know, there was no outcry when exactly the same thing happened for years under Obama and Biden. As Trump said during one debate, “who built the cages, Joe?”

Trump Explains the Truth

As Trump said further in his comments, no nation can “sustain” what is currently happening at the border. With 1.7 million illegals already pouring in this year, we are in a genuine emergency.

We just don’t know who these people are, what diseases they have, what gangs they may be linked to, or what benefits and services they may try to access.

Biden tells us every day our hospitals are about to burst from overcrowding; yet, he doesn’t seem very concerned about the hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring into states and needing services. Why is that?

In fact, now Biden wants to pay out half a million bucks to these people for breaking the law and dragging their kids through danger to illegally enter the US.

The Bottom Line

The Biden regime is against America. They care more about illegal immigrants than the American people. They are not loyal to this country or its laws.

They deserve to be protested, opposed, and blocked at every avenue. This new rule from Biden is outrageous; if it goes through, it will be one of the worst laws in US history.