President Trump Sounds the Alarm Over Biden’s Weakness on China

President Trump is speaking out about Biden’s weakness regarding China and it’s not pretty. In Trump’s view, the Biden government is taking a very bad approach to China. According to Trump, China respected the US much more highly when he was president.

The truth is the Biden regime’s approach to China has been a complete disaster; it’s no exaggeration to say we’re now poised at the edge of World War III because of the president’s incompetence and treason.

Biden’s Horrible Record on China

In September, Biden contacted Chinese dictator Xi Jinping in an attempt to clarify America’s relationship with China. He emphasized the commitment of the United States to have a decent relationship with China.

Biden wants to be friends with China. However, if I decide I want to be friends with a mass-murdering psychopath, it doesn’t mean that I’ve won; it just means I am weak.

Biden is weak. Biden is a traitor. Biden is the worst president in American history. Trump is sticking to his view that Biden’s strategy isn’t effective at all. Trump is right. Biden’s current approach to China is awful.

China now has the biggest Navy on earth and is circling like sharks around Taiwan, ready to invade…and all Biden is doing is making excuses.

Trump’s Excellent Record on China

At the beginning of last year, Trump signed a trade agreement with China, aimed at lessening the hostility between the two biggest economic powers in the world. In fact, China is estimated to have stolen about $200 billion of US products in 2020 and 2021.

Beijing, at that time, was hacking and making use of trade secrets from big US companies. Trump made it clear China would face severe consequences if they didn’t stop.

Trump’s trade deal was effective. The difference was that, unlike Biden, Trump acted from a position of strength. The agreement was a way to deter the Chinese government, regarding the thefts and espionage going on.

Why Biden is Wrong

For Biden, even though there is some competition between China and the US, he thinks the Chinese government has become less aggressive. Biden also views the Chinese government as more stable and even open to international order.

That’s absolutely wrong. Authorities have been very clear that China poses a danger to the entire world.

In fact, just last month, the CIA announced the creation of a new center just to fight Chinese spying and sabotage. The China Mission Center will deal with the treachery and aggression of the Chinese communist government.

Let’s hope that Trump gets back in office in 2024 (or if not Trump, let’s hope America at least gets a conservative like Ron DeSantis with some backbone). We can’t afford more years of this kind of weakness and idiocy from the left.