President Trump Speaks Out About Biden’s Blame for the Ukraine War

Former presidents usually have a rule to refrain from criticizing the one who comes after them. That was broken when former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama started trash-talking President Trump once he was in office.

Now, it’s fair to say Trump’s criticisms of Biden have been unbiased and accurate. In fact, if anything, Trump has held back on the true level of criticism that Biden deserves.

Though now, Trump is taking the gloves off. As war rages in Ukraine, Trump is opening up about the various ways in which this is literally Biden’s fault.

Nowhere is that more true than on the issue of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which Biden gave a green light to and a big boost to Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

Biden’s Big Mistake

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a massive pipeline bringing natural gas from Russia to Europe. During his time in the White House, Trump blocked this pipeline.

He also repeatedly warned countries like Germany to get unhooked from their dependency on Russian oil.

For this, Trump was laughed at and ignored. He was also called a Russian collaborator with no evidence by our fraudulent mainstream media.

This has now been proven to be a spying effort led by the Clinton campaign and left to try to frame Trump for treason that didn’t exist.

As Trump said today on Ronna McDaniel’s podcast, nobody was “tougher on Russia” than him.

Not only did he try to get Europe off Russia’s energy and disable Nord Stream 2, Trump also hit Russia hard in various places, including in Syria where he wiped out an entire unit of Wagner Group, Russian-backed mercenaries.

Trump: Biden is a ‘Disgrace’ Who Led to This War

As Trump said more on the podcast, his decision to cripple Nord Stream put a huge block on Putin.

His decisions against Russia were working and kept them from attacking as they did under Bush (attack on Georgia), Obama (Crimea and eastern Ukraine), and under Biden (the current war).

Speaking frankly, Trump said Biden’s decision to reopen Nord Stream 2 to try to appease the EU was a “disgrace” and Biden taking the US out of energy independence was a huge mistake.

Trump made America energy independent for the “first time in 72 years,” as he notes and this was hugely difficult for Russia.

It made Russia’s oil much less valuable and stopped it from having the kind of leverage and bullying power it now has. Oil was $30 per barrel under Trump at some points. It’s now passing $130 per barrel.

Biden ignored that for his loony-tunes Green New Deal ideology, canceled Keystone XL on day one, and plunged us back into an addiction to foreign oil.

Trump Issues Another Stark Warning

Trump has also issued another stark warning, saying the invasion of Taiwan is now going to happen soon. Trump says he believes China will make a “very strong move” against Taiwan.

The reason for a lot of this, according to Trump, is the way Biden betrayed and fumbled our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

After two decades of war, Biden simply pulled the plug with no warning. He left thousands of Americans and stranded soldiers behind without command and control or air support. The result was disaster and death.

Trump says China, Russia, and Iran were all watching that and making plans. Now, we’re reaping the whirlwind of Biden’s incompetence.