Press Secretary Jen Psaki Announces New Vaccine Tyranny

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is well known for dodging questions. She’s never met a lie she didn’t like; she’s a fanatical leftist, just like the rest of the Biden regime.

Psaki’s latest answer to a question on vaccines is especially chilling. It shows that Psaki has no appreciation for American freedom or the Constitution. In fact, she’d be better off living in Communist China under a dictatorship.

What Did Psaki Say Now?

With Biden forcing all federal employees to get vaccines, Psaki was just asked about how things will work going forward. Biden is ready to announce even stricter measures for vaccines and people want to know how it’s going to affect their lives.

This applies even if you’re vaccinated, since there will be new checks and restrictions to prove your status in public life. The six new rules Biden is set to put in place, however, will mostly hit the unvaxxed.

When asked how this will impact people’s daily life, Psaki said it depends if you’re vaccinated. In other words: get the experimental gene therapy shot with weird side effects or be slowly squeezed out of American society by these leftist tyrants.

What Will the New Rules Be?

According to Psaki, the six new rules relate to getting COVID tests, vaccine mandates in public places, school masking and COVID restrictions, and other rules. Likely contact tracing and other high-tech, Chinese-style systems will be part of it.

Psaki said the “new components” will apply to everyone and are all so we can return to “normal.” How many people actually believe this anymore? We’ve been told we can return to normal for more than a year now. They just keep moving the goalposts.

This is like a slow-motion nightmare at this point, especially since we’re finding out Dr. Fauci and the US government helped fund COVID on bats research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the tune of $3.1 million.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of all this is the Biden regime is opposed to the United States of America and its Constitution. This may not come as news to most of us who are patriots and care about America.

However, it needs to be repeated and emphasized, because if we don’t stand up now and speak out against this evil, it could take over our whole nation.

This is not about keeping us or our kids safe. This is not about returning to normal. This is about a tyrannical, Chinese-loving regime that wants to turn us into high-tech slaves and run every aspect of our lives.

The Great Reset and its globalist engineers think the world will just lie down and take their abuse. They are absolutely wrong: here in America, we will never submit to tyranny.