Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tells Her Biggest Lie Yet

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki became most famous for constantly saying she’d “circle back” to answer things. 

We’re still waiting for Ms. Psaki to circle back on anything; so far, the only thing “circling back” are illegal immigrants who get turned around at the border with no consequences. They then circle back to try again the next day. 

This incredibly dishonest woman who claims she’s stopping propaganda in her role now has a new whopper of a lie that might even eclipse her previous statements. 

During a question about unfair hiring in the Biden administration giving jobs to family and friends, Psaki claimed the administration has “the highest ethical standard” in US history. 

Excuse me while I laugh out loud!

Let’s take a look at that ridiculous claim…

Whose ‘Ethical Standards’?

In Biden’s fairy tale world, ethical standards mean saying words like “democracy” and “norms” over and over while nodding off to sleep in a recliner. 

Back here in the real world, there’s actual things you have to do to earn that kind of title. 

An administration that’s currently empowering murderous cartels all along our Southern border, destroying the middle class, axing our energy sector, destroying jobs, encouraging kids to chemically castrate themselves, and crapping all over America’s standing abroad is far from “ethical.”

Biden is protected from answering questions by a team of doting handlers; they choose journalists beforehand who are “allowed” to ask him stuff. Meanwhile, the liberal media that boosted Biden into office continues covering up for his crazy and highly racist son Hunter.

Sound “ethical” to you?

In addition to joking around with the n-word frequently and talking about “no yellow” for wanting to have sex with an Asian woman, Hunter consorted with Chinese spies and hookers on an ongoing basis. 

Who knows how ethically compromised the Biden administration is, but it’s definitely not the most ethical in history!

The Biden Scam-Ministration

Everything about the Biden administration has been a scam, starting with their claims of the last election supposedly being the “most secure” in our nation’s history. 

Are you kidding me?

These are the heirs of the Obama boondoggle so we should not be surprised, but let’s be honest here:

The Biden administration is a damn shame to this country. 

This is no longer about politics; this is just about basic patriotism and protecting our families. 

As the streets of blue cities descend into absolute chaos and people flee for red states, we can take a look at people like Psaki and see them for what they are: sheltered, liberal elites living in coastal bubbles who are completely out of touch with reality, completely full of crap, and completely delusional. 

What an absolute shame.