Pressure Grows on Biden to Resign

Joe Biden barely even appeared on the campaign trail when he ran for president.

The more he’s been in the limelight, the more the reason becomes obvious. Biden is not well and he’s certainly not fit to serve as the 46th president of the United States.

To take just three examples from recent days, Biden recently shook hands with the air; the week before he fell asleep on his feet during a battleship commemoration ceremony.

Then, during his nomination announcement for new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson, Biden went on a bizarre speech about being in the Himalayas mountains and how that is somehow what America is “all about.”

Okay, then. Now, the pressure is growing on Biden internationally to step down.

Pressure from the UK

Nigel Farage is a rebel politician from the United Kingdom (UK) who helped split the country off from the big government liberalism of the European Union (EU).

He’s now speaking out about Biden’s weakness and senility.

Sometimes, it takes a maverick to point out the emperor is wearing no clothes. To be clear, Biden is wearing clothes (thank God), although somebody else likely dresses him.

Speaking recently on a prominent show in the UK, Farage said Biden is an “embarrassment” and his awful pullout from Afghanistan, as well as his inability to handle the other crises facing America, is clear proof he’s not up for the job.

As Farage pointed out, Biden came into office promising “America’s back.” Now, everybody is looking around and saying: OK, where is it? 

Because if this is what America being back is, then all of us patriots and commonsense Americans will have a hard pass. Thanks, but no thanks!

The Bad Guys Are Getting Stronger

To put it in simple terms, Farage pointed out that “dictators” and other “bullies” don’t fear America anymore.

We see North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ramping up missile tests; we see Russia’s Vladimir Putin invading his neighbors and we see a southern border that is out of control.

Biden has not shown leadership or real courage. He has hidden behind his advisors and cabinet as he piggybacks on EU sanctions and tries to get off easy.

The world is in a bad situation in many ways right now: there is no easy way out! This is not the time for a leader who’s looking to take a nap and give a nice speech about values.

We don’t need values right now; we need action. That’s why Farage said it’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Biden from office for being mentally unfit.

The irony is the left wanted to do that for Trump, who is mentally just fine, but they don’t seem to realize or care that Biden is anything but OK.