Pro-BLM Black Separatist Group ‘Black Hammer’ Starts Communist Commune in the Colorado Mountains

Breckenridge, Colorado BLM March 6.1.2020 by Log Home Finishing is marked with CC0 1.0

Remember CHAZ?

That’s the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. It was an area of Seattle seized by Antifa basement dwellers and BLM lunatics last year to start their own independent micro-nation. 

It failed so badly that it was almost comical. 

Hippie idiots and their race-baiting buddies couldn’t even plant a basic garden, and a rapper warlord started enforcing too hard, leading to various clashes between the pencil-armed White leftists and dominant BLM activists. 

It ended in tragedy, with residents begging police and emergency crews to come in and save a shooting victim after having spent months railing against the evil of police and the system. 


But bad ideas die hard, and there’s a new left-wing separatist movement that’s trying its luck in the mountains of Colorado…

Black Lives Matter Protest Times Square New York City June 7 2020 by Anthony Quintano is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Meet Black Hammer

Meet Black Hammer, a group of “decolonizers” who recently managed to buy up 200 acres of land in the Colorado highlands. The group is led by a bizarre anti-Jewish man and claims to have “liberated” the land for people of color where they plan to build a city. 

The Black Hammer folks aren’t Antifa, though, so let’s get our labels straight. They are Black and brown communists who want full revolution and hate all White people especially Jewish people. 

If you’re not non-White and non-Jewish then you’re not welcome at their new utopia, simple. 

So what’s the idea? These absolute idiots got naive self-hating Whites to crowdfund 200 acres of rocky land in the mountains where it’s going to be extremely difficult to grow crops or do anything productive without some serious work ethic, know-how, survival skills and determination. 

All of those appear to be sorely lacking in this group of fools. They may have managed to (mostly) ditch the White Antifa basement folks, but they just traded it for a bunch of wannabe Communist race baiter agitators who still rely on White people’s crowdfunding to humor their idea. 

Drop the Hammer

So this Black Communist city and ethnostate that’s only for “colonized people” to live in and escape the evil of Whites is sure to be an interesting and spectacular failure. 

According to the group, their city will be a “city for all people of color to be free” and it will have zero” discrimination of nationality, gender, age or mental/physical differences.”

I can definitely believe it won’t discriminate based on mental “differences,” otherwise the city would be empty. 

As for no discrimination? There’s the small issue of the fact that the group is *founded* on discriminating against White and Jewish people, with the leader joking that they’ll keep warm in winter by burning copies of Ann Frank’s diary and making numerous comments about how evil he believes White and Jewish people are, calling Ann Frank’s dad a “bleach demon.”

Their utopia will have a strict no White people policy and it will have free houses, food, healthcare and automatically provided jobs with “no cops, no rent and no coronavirus.”

Why will the people work if everything is just provided for them at no charge?

Anyway…Black Hammer says their idea comes from the inability of White leftist movements to actually improve things and from the US government’s “intentional” exposure of Black and brown people to COVID. 

Enough is enough, they say.

“It’s time we turn to each other and design, plan and build what we need to protect our families and communities. Hammer City is being built by Colonized people, governing ourselves, and designing our own city from a decolonized mindset.”

I don’t know about you, but these folks do not look like they could protect a hamster, much less a community of human beings. 

If you are White but you really want to support Black Hammer there is a way. The group’s website has a Reparations Corps where Whites can make monthly payments to Black Hammer.

I’m going to be real with you. I don’t think all the money in the world would help these hate-filled goofballs. 

Good luck with the bears, guys.