Putin Attacks Nancy Pelosi on Taiwan, Blames His War on Ukraine on America

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant Vladimir Putin came out with a raging tirade in which he blamed America for his invasion.

He personally attacked House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her recent trip to Taiwan, which defied Communist China.

Murderous Dictator’s Invasion Gone Awry

The near future is looking grim for the Russians in Ukraine, particularly for some 20,000 Russian troops stuck on the western bank of the Dnipro River, in the Kherson region in Southern Ukraine.

This has been isolated by Ukrainians and is expected to be defeated in full within weeks.

Ukrainians managed to turn around the war at the beginning of July, after they started receiving from the United States HIMARS rocket artillery systems. These beat any comparable Russian weapon in terms of precision and firepower.

The potential loss of the Kherson region is likely to deal a devastating reputational blow to the Putin dictatorship in the eyes of the majority of Russians who support the war.

Putin Deems America as Source of All Evil in the World

Speaking at the opening of a security conference in Moscow, albeit not in person, but via video, Vladimir Putin attacked both the US and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with bizarre, pro-tyranny accusations.

He claimed the United States is profiting from “this conflict” he started in Ukraine. The Russian autocrat believes this is why America has been supposedly “trying to prolong” the war.

Putin was thus reiterating one of the most outrageous points of his own dictatorship propaganda, which stipulates the victims of Russian aggression, Ukrainians, have no right whatsoever to defend themselves.

Putin thinks Russia is going to win eventually, which is why he says any weapon supplies to the Ukrainians are only prolonging their “agony.”

Of course, nothing can be further from the truth. The situation in Ukraine – as Putin called it – shows Russia is losing badly and headed for total defeat. The political consequences may even see Russia fall apart.

According to the murderous Russian tyrant, however, the US is stoking war not just in Ukraine, but also in “Africa, Asia, and Latin America,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

He dwelled in particular on the situation in Asia where he lashed out against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That was because of her recent visit to Taiwan, the democratic, pro-American island which is presently claimed by communist China.

Communist China and its own bloody dictator, Xi Jinping, have been tacitly supporting Putin. However, China has abstained from overt support and supplying weapons or materials needed by the struggling Russians.

While he called Nancy Pelosi an “individual irresponsible politician,” Putin claimed her trip to Taiwan was nothing short of just “brazen disrespect” to China and a “carefully planned provocation” by the United States.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.