Racist MSNBC Host Joy Reid Refuses to Accept Rittenhouse Verdict

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is a racist. That may sound controversial, but it’s not. The far-left MSNBC host is, by definition, a racist. She judges people, situations, and even the justice system’s proceedings by people’s skin tone.

Reid also regularly unleashes vicious, false, and defamatory statements against people on the basis of them being Caucasian. If this was done with regard to blacks, Jews, Asians, Arabs, or any other group, it would result in immediate dismissal.

However, because Reid unleashes her hate on a group the left decided is bad and collectively guilty of injustice, she’s actually rewarded for her racism and praised as a social justice champion.

Reid Goes Berserk on Rittenhouse

Reid’s latest rant against Rittenhouse shows just how twisted she is. Speaking from a hotel room on MSNBC, the hate-filled host said it doesn’t surprise her Rittenhouse was found guilty, because the entire US system was built to protect white slave owners.

Gun laws, according to Reid, were made to protect the ability of white men to maintain their freedom and catch and capture black slaves. Reid did not explain how the killing of two violent white leftists relates to capturing slaves.

However, she made sure to imply Rittenhouse is a symbol of white supremacy who should be in jail.

She also said all that surprised her was police officer Derek Chauvin being previously found guilty of the murder of George Floyd; apparently, she expected the white supremacist system to protect him.

Here’s the thing Joy, and I know this may be hard for you to wrap your racist mind around: Chauvin was guilty, Rittenhouse wasn’t. Guilt isn’t determined by skin color, it’s determined by provable actions and intention in a court of law.

I know, I know…so complicated for your leftist mind to grasp.

Reid’s History of Racism

This is far from Reid’s first time at the racism rodeo. She’s built a career out of a self-righteous attitude that blames white people for everything wrong in America and the world.

Her mostly white audience laps up her hate in their suburban enclaves, patting themselves on the back for hating themselves and their ancestors. It’s truly a sick, BDSM-type game that only the left could find satisfaction in playing.

The rest of us look on in horror and disgust as this woman is given a national platform for spewing KKK-style hate on a nightly basis.

I’m sure she has her reasons for her issues, but Joy Reid should be seeking and accepting professional mental health help for her problems, not unloading them on the American people on a nightly basis.

The Bottom Line

Joy Reid needs to go. She needs professional help and she probably needs to catch a few massive lawsuits from Rittenhouse as well. This woman is not well; she is certainly not a valid journalist of any kind.