Radical Left Protesters Interrupt Wedding in Phoenix Over Anger at Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Radical leftists have been hot on the trail of Senator Kyrsten Sinema because she won’t vote for Biden’s boondoggle $3.5 trillion bill. Along with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Sinema doesn’t agree the Democrats’ tax-and-spend policy is a realistic way to improve America.

For this reason, leftists chased her into a bathroom and also came after her on an airplane flight. There is no limit they won’t cross in order to try to humiliate, bully, and pressure Sinema to fall in with the Green New Deal, Biden globalist agenda.

The latest stunt by these fools came recently as they crashed a wedding in Phoenix where Sinema was marrying a couple.

What Happened?

Making loud noises and waving rude signs about Sinema, the gaggle of idiots ended up making the mother of the bride break down in tears. They gathered outside the wedding in Phoenix and started shouting and yelling rude slogans.

The mother of the bride came out to ask them to please pipe down; she reminded the protesters Sinema was not her daughter and was not the one being married. The poor woman asked these rabid liberals to please just give them an hour of peace.

The poor woman even said she understood the protesters’ “rights,” but she was begging them just for a tiny bit of peace and quiet so her daughter could enjoy what should have been the happiest day of her life.

However, they snarled and refused to do so, circling around like vultures and waving anti-Sinema signs.

The Problem with the Radical Left

The radical leftists outside this wedding refused to listen to anything the mother of the bride said, telling her “shame!” and demanding Sinema be ejected and not allowed to officiate.

They said they would stop harassing her wedding if Sinema agreed to leave immediately. This is just bullying of the most pathetic kind. The fact Sinema won’t sign the $3.5 trillion monster bill is her own business.

However, it’s set the radical left of the Democrat base on fire, and they’re coming after her. They want the $3.5 trillion bill full of social spending and climate change junk to get passed.

Also, they’re enraged that Sinema’s standing in the way. It turns out communists aren’t very friendly when you stand in the way of their little fantasy.

Build Back Better? No Thanks

Without Sinema onboard, Biden’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill is dead in the water and the party knows it. Their socialist base is going crazy over this because they’re hungry for the Great Reset to get started so they can have their new communist America.

Thank God a few people with at least some common sense, like Sinema, are standing in their way.