RAF Singles Out White Males for Rejection As Part of New Diversity Schem

White males seeking to join the Royal Air Force will be turned down as part of a new, almost impossible diversity quota.

In a coercive email to RAF recruiters, white men were described as useless white male pilots. Recruiters were then instructed to filter out white male applicants in favor of women and ethnic minorities, according to Sky News.

Crippling Demands

In August 2022, the head of RAF recruitment, Group Captain Elizabeth Nicholl, resigned.

Nicholl refused to uphold an order seeking to limit the number of white males in recruiting programs, while elevating women and minorities.

While never actually implemented, sources reporting to Sky News said the RAF took steps to artificially inflate the pool of non-white applicants put forth by Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston.

Selection Boards, the method used by the RAF uses to approve recruits, were disbanded if the individual members did not consist of women or any ethnic minority.

Due to the effects of the policy, the RAF has begun to compensate over 31 disadvantaged white males, paying each £5,000.

While the RAF insists there is no contradiction to be found in its diversity schemes, other sources say hundreds have been disadvantaged.

Too Many White Males for the Woke RAF

An email originating from Squadron Leader Andrew Harwin on January 15, 2021, in which he expressed his intentions to avoid further enlisting white males, focused on ethnic and gender-based recruitment.

Harwin went on to brand the current RAF as being predominately white and male. He said selectively eliminating their opportunities is the best path forward.

Sir Wigston aims to have 40 percent of all RAF personnel be female and 20 percent be a part of an ethnic minority by 2040.

So far, the current numbers are not lining up. In 2022, only 30 of 1500 pilots were women, and only 10 were non-white.

In addition, less than two percent of engineers belong to an ethnic minority.


This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.