Rapper Lil Wayne Has a New Message About the Police That BLM Will Hate

Lil Wayne is one of the bestselling rap musicians in the world, but he hasn’t always been so successful and on top of his game. Wayne – real name Dwayne Carter Jr. – grew up in an abusive household and suffered from serious depression starting in childhood.

It got so bad that he tried to kill himself at age 12, shooting himself right in the chest and giving up on life. That wasn’t the plan God had in mind, however, and a police officer called Robert Hoobler rescued him from death.

Wayne has never forgotten that moment and now he’s opening up about just how grateful he is.

Wayne Credits Uncle Bob and God With Saving His Life

Wayne calls Hoobler Uncle Bob and has rapped about him before. What happened is that when Wayne was 12 and shot himself, Uncle Bob noticed and saved him. Cops were looking for drugs in the house where Wayne was as he bled out on the floor, but Hoobler noticed him and called emergency services.

Wayne grew up in a single mom home; his depression and other problems in his life got so bad that he already felt he had nowhere left to go and nobody left to turn. Then this white police officer came out of nowhere and cared about him and it made all the difference.

Wayne has made it clear he loves Uncle Bob and has offered to support him in any way, including before when he thought Bob was dead. Well, he’s not dead, and the two ran into each other in 2019 in New Orleans.

Wayne Offers to Help Out Uncle Bob in Any Way Possible

Wayne has said he will help Uncle Bob anyway he can, but for his part, Bob hasn’t taken any money from the ultra-rich rapper. In the past, Wayne has spoken about his dislike of anti-Americanism and anti-police propaganda.

For example, he spoke out against NFL kneeler Colin Kaepernick, saying that while he respected Kaepernick’s free speech rights, he found it strange and stupid what Kaepernick was doing. Wayne has also shut down the whole BLM and leftist nonsense on racism.

He recently told an interviewer he’s never faced racism in America in his life and finds the subject really overdone. Wayne’s lyrics may have some offensive content, but you’ve got to respect his up front responses to leftism.

Whenever the media tries to invite him back onto the Democrat plantation to be a mental slave again, Wayne waves it off! That’s a big nope, chief.

Backing the Blue

Wayne understands that ideas like defunding the police and accusing them of being racist is stupid and counterproductive. If you take away the money from our police, you end up with far more dangerous communities. If you accuse police of racism, you divide and demoralize the officers of all races who go out every day to keep our streets safe.