Really Bad News For Biden

Joe Biden has been a complete disaster for America. The list of ways he has lied to this country and failed us has become well-known by now.

Just go to our southern border, eastern Ukraine, the grocery store, or the gas station. You’ll see plenty of evidence of the damage the Biden regime has done to the human race.

Despite a stranglehold on the mainstream media and holding the balance of political power, the left and Biden’s Democrats have just received some very bad news.

The bad news is that America’s patience and belief in their lies have completely run out.

Record Low Polls

Biden’s support has dropped to 33% in the latest Gallup poll. This is the worst poll number a president has received at this part of his presidency. It’s incredibly humiliating.

What makes it even worse for Biden, is that after only a little more than a year as POTUS, his support even among younger millennial voters dipped from 60% down to 41%, and among Gen Z voters, Biden is down to 39%.

This is shocking for the Democrats, who have the idea that most younger people tend to be liberal and agree with left-wing ideas.

It turns out not only is this not true, but it’s also increasingly uncommon for younger people to be fans of Biden and his left-wing loser troupe.

Why These Polls Matter

These polls were not just random.

They included 6,000 randomly chosen American adults interviewed last summer and then another 2,000 adults interviewed from last fall until this March to measure people’s changing views as Biden got deeper into his presidency.

These big drops coincided with things like the American pullout from Afghanistan and the rise in inflation.

As for those in older age brackets, they are holding fairly steady at the mid-50s, with Baby Boomers having an average 1% decline, from 53% to 52%, in this same period comparison.

Biden and the Democrats’ real problem overall is simple: they are losing young people and minorities, who no longer care nearly as much as they once did for the left’s lies.

Biden is Losing All His Key Support Groups

Support for Biden among minorities is also falling badly. Black support for Biden fell from 86% to 76% last year and down to 63% among black youth.

As for Hispanic Americans, they are also rapidly falling away from supporting the Democrat Party and Biden.

The upcoming midterms are likely to be swept by the GOP; the Biden regime has done huge damage to the Democrat brand and the future of the party.

The truth is these poll numbers are extremely bad; they are also going to start getting even worse poll numbers if they don’t stop failing on almost every issue facing our country.