Red Alert as US Evacuating Embassy Personnel and Officials from Ukraine

The chance of a war between Ukraine and Russia has never been higher.

With 100,000 Russian troops gathered on the border and Joe Biden making bizarre, unclear statements to defend Europe, Vladimir Putin seems poised to strike.

Let’s be clear: both sides have their interests in the region. The standoff between NATO and Russia goes back decades to the end of the Cold War.

However, if a hot war breaks out in Ukraine, a lot of people are going to die very quickly. The conflict has the chance to spread extremely rapidly.

It could even directly involve the United States and its allies.

As of now, emergency preparations are being taken, with the US embassy families set to start evacuations tomorrow on Monday.

Emergency Evacuations Begin

The US State Department is putting emergency preparations into motion, getting families of the embassy out of Ukraine as soon as possible.

The State Department is also urging all Americans to evacuate ASAP by any means necessary. This includes taking regular flights while they’re still able to be bought.

The obvious hint here is Ukraine’s airspace may soon be shut down if a war and fighting breaks out. At that point, getting US citizens out of country will become a lot more difficult by land or sea.

Staff apart from essential embassy officials are being asked to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. Although, the State Department won’t say yet whether they’re going to begin emptying out the embassy itself.

Where is Biden?

Where is Biden in all this mess?

With Tony Blinken heading up our State Department and embassy families already being moved out, this is a very tense time.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is not happy about this and said it would be a huge case of overreacting if Washington does this.

Zelensky’s point of view is obvious. He doesn’t want the impression that Ukraine is about to get invaded to be reinforced. When you add in an image of America running away, it gets even worse!

Russian war planes are in Belarus next door and Ukraine is definitely under a ton of pressure. Russia said it’s sick of “empty talk” from the United States and Biden’s government.

Now, Russia wants a full and rock solid guarantee that Ukraine will never be brought into NATO.

Russia fought a savage, five day war in 2008 against the Republic of Georgia on its southern border. This was after Georgia tried to retake Abkhazia and South Ossetia’s Russian-backed territory.

The war ended with Russia taking back even tighter control of both regions and directly threatening to take over the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

So, it’s foolish to think Russia is just spitting false words here. They’re clearly ready to start shooting.