Red Alert: Jobs Report Coming Out in Two Days Could End Biden

Tell Congressional Republicans Do Your Job (28921677674) by Senate Democrats is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Biden presidency has basically been a Hollywood production.

Literally propped up by the liberal media (and with his top medical adviser Tony Fauci caught emailing studios about a Hollywood film about his life), this administration is like a joke with no punchline. 

Let me correct that: the punchline is the American people. 

The problem is it’s not very funny at all, and real lives are suffering under the Biden meltdown. 

This charade could soon be coming to an end, however, as this Friday’s May jobs report is reportedly going to be much worse than expected. 

The last jobs report was bad. If this one is worse, then it could be enough to cut the crap about Biden for good and turn some of his supporters into former supporters.

After all, everyone has their limit. 


Preparing for a Rough Report

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the May jobs report is not likely to create a very good impression. Many of the boosted up numbers from people finding jobs are reducing once again…and there are still a lot of COVID restrictions that will also suppress numbers. 

Biden has built this myth on the idea that he’s a “working man” bringing jobs and “American Made” back to this country. 

Unfortunately, the reality is far different, as almost anyone who lives in this country can tell you. 

Where’s the Build Back Better? The jobs report last month made people’s jaws hit the floor. The liberal media had been hyping it for weeks, saying millions of jobs were probably created and it would turbocharge the economy. 

The reality was only 266,000 jobs were created; we also found out that the rosy jobs report from March had been wrong and many fewer jobs had been created. 

Don’t Listen to Democrat Excuses

If this Friday’s jobs report is a flop, the Democrats will do what they always do: lie and make excuses. 

Don’t pay it any mind. 

There’s a chance the report will be better than expected; let’s hope so for the sake of the economy, but if not, we don’t need to listen to Democrats’ denial and false reasoning. 

The fact of the matter is that many people sense we are entering a very inflationary spiral. As a former economic analyst assistant to GOP Sen. Rob Portman said, there is “growing anxiety” in regards to inflation and the overheating of America’s economy.

Biden can’t be blamed for everything; however, when you’re POTUS, you take the praise and blame. He made big promises and, quite simply, he’s failing to deliver. 

No matter how much you want to give Biden the benefit of the doubt, I’m sorry to say that things are not looking good for him.

The American people’s patience is running out.