Red States Rush to Texas’ Aid After Title 42 Expires

After the Trump-era policy Title 42 went out of effect a couple of weeks ago, illegal aliens have been swarming the border, leaving agents overwhelmed and ultimately ineffective against the onslaught.

Any form of help is welcomed. Seeing as Biden isn’t exactly doing anything to make the work of the Border Patrol agents any easier, red states around Texas jumped in to offer a helping hand.

Border crisis reaches boiling point

Tennessee, Nebraska, Ohio, Idaho, Florida, and Mississippi are only some of the states that have committed troops, support vehicles, and law enforcement agents to Texas’ long border.

It is surely going to lighten the load on the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Greg Abbott wrote to several Republican governors earlier this month, asking them to band together in fighting off the border crisis that Biden inadvertently caused by dedicating next to no resources to preventing it.

This combined effort would eventually put an end to the current situation at the border and give the American people all the security they could ever ask for.

Abbott added this would be a mission to protect American sovereignty and territorial integrity. It’s an unattainable goal without the help of other states’ law enforcement agencies.

Texas Border Patrol had enough resources to deal with the crisis in the past, but the sudden surge in illegal crossings became too much to handle.

Operation Lone Star

24 Republican governors responded to Abbott’s call for help, led by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, who had nothing but words of praise for Operation Lone Star as Abbott called it.

Reynolds assured she and the rest of the Republican governors in the US will work together in order to protect the US-Mexico border and help keep American families safe from illegal aliens.

On top of this, the Iowa governor explained the border crisis has impacted the entirety of the US, not just the border states. It created a nationwide fentanyl outbreak and increased the number of deadly drugs present in our communities.

Three days after Abbott’s call for help, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also joined in, stating Florida will be deploying law enforcement and special agents to the border in Texas.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.