Report Reveals How Many Cancer Patients Died in Pandemic From Cancelled Hospital Appointments

Cancer ward by Benicio Murray is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For over a year now we’ve heard about how masks, lockdowns, vaccines, social distancing and all the rest of it is being done to save lives. 

Two things:

One: If it saves lives then why have so many people died?

Two: What about all the people who’ve died because they couldn’t get the medical care they needed due to lockdowns?

That’s the problem with Faucism. Like all globalist ideologies it pretends to be compassionate while leaving the rest of us to go out of business and die. 

The impact on cancer patients has been particularly horrifying, with the death toll recently released of those who died because of being unable to get the care they needed due to COVID hospital lockdowns. 

It’s not only those who couldn’t get the treatment, either. It’s the thousands and thousands who didn’t get screened for cancer and ended up dying because their hospitals and other nearby COVID-focused clinics weren’t open for screenings. 

bone scan by Muffet is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Numbers are Truly Terrifying

Journalist Duaa Eldeib did what many of her colleagues in the media won’t do: she did actual reporting and analysis of the facts. Working for Pro Publica, Eldeib looked at what’s been going on with the hidden cost of COVID on cancer patients. 

What she found is astounding and horrifying. 

“Across the country, preventive cancer screenings plummeted by as much as 94% during the first four months of last year. At Mount Sinai, the number of mammograms dropped by 96% during that same period,” Eldeib reported.

Imagine how many of these people who would have been screened potentially did have cancer. 

The statistics across the board are showing the same thing. Screenings for all kinds of cancer going down from between 68 percent to 90%. 

Screenings didn’t go down because less people got cancer last year. They went down because of lockdowns and restrictions and people doing their best to comply with the deadly COVID regulations. Considering that cancer kills about 600,000 Americans per year, these numbers are staggering.

According to the Mayo Clinic at least 21,000 people are estimated to have died just from colorectal cancer last year that could have been detected earlier and possibly treated successfully. 

The overall number may take a year or two to calculate but if it gets into the hundreds of thousands, individuals like Fauci have no excuse to make. They are responsible for these deaths, and they’re also responsible for explaining why their years of COVID restrictions haven’t saved lives. 

‘All of These Patients Had Been Afraid to Seek Treatment’

Dr. Pam Khosla at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago said that many people were having more late-stage cancer because of being afraid to come in earlier for screenings or restrictions. 

She said that in a one-month period alone she saw tumors that shocked her even as an experienced physician and cancers that were severely advanced. 

“All of these patients had been afraid to seek treatment at the hospital during the pandemic,” Eldeib notes in her article. 

Well, sort of. It’s not only that they were afraid of COVID even while they were literally dying of cancer, it’s that there were major lockdowns and restrictions including on going into hospitals for basic procedures and screenings.

There are around 1.8 million cases of cancer diagnosed each year in America. This is a tragic number, but what’s even worse is when they can’t get diagnosed due to restrictions and fear spread by this ongoing WHO-led pandemic. 

Early diagnosis saves lives, and potentially millions of Americans have been robbed of that chance. The fake compassion of progressives does nothing to help those who are dying because of their illogical and deadly rules.