Report Shows Remote Learning Did Massive Damage to Our Students

The COVID pandemic has been a national nightmare that thankfully seems to be winding down.

For two years, our federal government gaslighted and psychologically abused the American people. There was non-stop propaganda telling us we had to shut down the economy and keep our kids home from school or everyone would die.

They were lying. Reports from top universities, like Johns Hopkins Medical School, now show that the lockdowns actually killed more people than otherwise would have died.

It also did huge damage to our businesses and contributed to the massive inflation crisis we’re now facing.

Though perhaps worst of all, the lockdowns and shutdowns made our kids much stupider and much lonelier, as a new report shows.

School Closures Hurt Kids

A new report from journalist David Leonhardt shows remote learning and school shutdowns did huge damage to kids. On the academic side, schools that reopened sooner saw much better learning outcomes.

Those who were mostly going to school physically for most of 2020 and the 2021 year missed out on about one-fifth of the learning that was required, but those who were home during this time lost about half of what they should have known.

Remote learning basically stranded kids at home without their friends or guidance and expected their parents to teach them, despite being busy at work. It left them lonely and lost with pressure to do assignments they weren’t clear on.

Meanwhile, those who tried their best to get schools reopened, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, were labeled by the left as evil murderers. It was claimed they were going to get kids killed and didn’t care about public health.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

DeSantis and those who wanted to get schools open were listening to the science, unlike Democrats who were lost in a bizarre world of delusional hallucination and paranoia.

Remote Learning Wrecked Outcomes

Remote learning did a lot of damage to what kids learned and it especially hit lower-income and minority kids worst of all. These are the students that the left and the Democrats claim to care so much about.

Yet, they encouraged remote learning that directly harmed these children.

Across the country, we saw leftist teachers’ unions say going back to school was akin to murdering them. Republicans and right-leaning school boards, meanwhile, pushed to get kids back in the classroom and learning like normal.

There’s no reason to sugarcoat it now, especially after everything we’ve been through: Republicans and conservatives were right. Democrats were absolutely wrong.

Forcing kids to learn remotely was not necessary and made it much harder for them to learn what they needed to. It also did significant psychological damage as it isolated them from their peers and social group.

The Bottom Line

The left was dead wrong about lockdowns and about remote learning. Keep that in mind the next time they try to force you to believe something.