Republican Governors Call Out Secret Importation of Illegals to Their States

Kim Reynolds by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds wants to know why the federal government is landing illegal immigrant children in her state; this is happening late at night and without telling anyone. 

Why is it happening and what’s the legal justification?

Recently, Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee brought up similar questions. Governor Lee’s questions arrived after discovering thousands of unaccompanied minors being brought into his state by the government as well. 

Kim Reynolds by Iowa Public Radio Images is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

What is Going on in Iowa?

On April 22, a plane with over 19 illegal immigrant kids (some reports say up to 100) landed in Des Moines from California; this happened late at night and without the Iowa governor’s approval.

Reynolds recently received confirmation of this and wants to know exactly why. 

They got off the plane and went to be reunified with their families; however, Reynolds says that her administration couldn’t ascertain why or learn why some kids deplaned and went outside the state of Iowa. 

It’s likely, of course, that far more planes than just the one in April landed in Iowa and other states without public knowledge. 

Apparently, 163 unaccompanied illegal minor migrants were handed over to legal sponsors in Iowa in April; although, the flights and issues that are happening in these cases aren’t even known to state governments. The Democrats just unilaterally shove through their amnesty agenda without letting anyone know. 

As Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley put it, these late-night flights without warning place “an undue burden” on members of law enforcement. This is especially true as law enforcement works to ascertain if the flights are justified or if they are a criminal act, involving human trafficking.

Grassley and Reynolds have good reasons to be worried about these kinds of things. This is especially problematic considering coyotes and traffickers are vastly empowered and profit from illegally taking kids to various destinations. 

The Federal Government Lied

The federal government wouldn’t tell Reynolds what was going on for months. They have now admitted they lied since Sen. Grassley stepped in to call them out. 

Health and Human Services (HHS) have also confirmed that once the flight landed, they used chartered buses to take kids to airports in Kansas City, Chicago, Indiana, and Michigan. 

Reynolds and Lee have been clear they don’t want Biden to ship unaccompanied minors to the border, but it’s obvious this president hasn’t been listening. 

The problem at the Southern border was finally improving under Trump; then, Biden came in and screwed it all up with his executive orders and pro-amnesty rhetoric.

Putting Kamala Harris in charge was an even worse decision; she’s been flying around the world embarrassing herself and this country with her ignorant statements.

Secretly sending migrant kids into the states of Republican governors shouldn’t surprise anyone. Just look at how much of a disaster the Biden Administration is turning out to be.